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  1. Hi The horn on my Herald aren’t working. Got through last MOT by removing wire from one of them. Now nothing. Just a click or very quiet sound from them. Do I need new horns or can they be saved? thanks
  2. Thanks Pete ill check the choke. Existing fuel pump doesn’t have a primer but new one does so maybe I’ll put that on. As for the coil that’s beyond my limited scope of knowledge I’m afraid! I live close to you. If you’re free one day I’d appreciate if I could pop round for a chat and see what you think about the car. If that’s inappropriate. Sorry! andy
  3. Hello My 1200 Herald is poor cold starter. It takes 3 or 4 attempts to get it to fire. Once started it runs ok but does seem to need a small amount of choke when driving in the cold. I try to start on full choke. once started and then turned off. It fires first time on subsequent starts. Starts well once warm. Any ideas how I can sort I have new fuel pump, thanks leads and distributor cap ready if needed. Other point of note my nephew cleaned the carb when I first got it over 4 years ago and said there was a missing ball bearing is this allowing fuel to drain from carb, hence need to get fuel in before it starts? Any Help appreciated thanks Andrew
  4. Hi I've played around with bonnet and door striker plate and these are latest pictures if they can help Thanks
  5. Hi I am going to get seat belts fitted to my convertible 1200. What is the best type to get? Am I right they are anchored to the rear wheel arch? Thanks
  6. Thanks Pete. I'll get it booked in and give you a shout when I'm over there Andrew
  7. Thanks Pete Afraid I'm a novice when it comes to all this terminology. I have used ratchets to pull try and resolve the tub spread and this was relatively successful. I don't think it has changed the proud waist. I haven't adjusted the hinges as wasnt too sure what to do. The fit to the bonnet is ok I think. Passenger door is ok. No evidence in history to show doors have been rescinded Thanks Andrew
  8. Thanks everyone.. Pete. I will be along probably to the March meeting as I need to get an MOT on the car. I frequent the Raven regularly so am ok with directions Can you recommend a sympathetic classic car MOT station near me. I used to use one near Aylesbury but have just moved to Luton area. Thanks Andrew
  9. Hi I have just joined the club after owning my Herald 1200 Convertible for 3 years. It's a 1963 model. I have tinkered about which has given me great fun but now need to start improving the bodywork. Love driving the car and going to the odd show. I live near Luton, Beds. Thanks Andrew
  10. Hi Just joined TSSC and was hoping for some advice please. My herald 1200 1963 convertible driver door is out of alignment in that the top part is further away than the bottom. The car has a bit of tub spread that I have improved and this is the worst alignment issue I cannot resolve. The door needs to slammed shut hard and can be difficult to open as I guess it is catching on the striker plate. I've had the car 3 years and have regularly driven it but want to improve it now and get involved in the TSSC community. Thanks to anyone who can give me advice. Andrew
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