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  1. Hi Kev, I haven't looked much into Mk3s but would certainly like to learn a bit more, I'm in SIdcup more into south east London. Do you go to any Kent meets? Rob
  2. Thank you both, that certainly gives me more of a grounding in what I'm looking at and is a good point to start from. I think you're right Clive and I'm planning to get myself along to some events to get an idea of what would suit me most - and yes where that fits with my budget! Once again thanks for all the info, I appreciate the warm welcome you've all given me to the club!
  3. Thanks for all coming back to me so soon! I appreciate the tips Dave, Hildenborough is a little way off but I should be able to make a West Kent meet soon. It was fun to drive Colin, and certainly had a few oddities that took getting used to. Thanks Pete I'll look and see what I can make it to. I'm looking at purchasing Spitfire 1500, is that a good idea for a beginner to Triumphs? The Mk3 GT6 is stunning but probably a little out of my budget at the moment...
  4. Hi All, I recently sold my Hillman Super Imp at the start of the year as a gateway to hopefully getting my first Triumph this year. I'd love to learn more about the practicalities of owning and driving a Spitfire and wondered if there are any Kent or South East London meets to come along to? Thanks for any advice you can offer and it's great to see so many people enjoying such beautiful cars! Rob
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