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  1. This Tuesday (6th July) is the first meet of the TSSC Hants and Berks Area at a new venue. Our joint meeting with Club Triumph and the Triumph Dolomite Club will be from around 8pm onwards at The Tweseldown, Beacon Hill Road, Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire, GU52 8DY The pub also hosts a local all makes Classic car Club on a Wednesday night and the Landlord is very Classic car Friendly
  2. Hi, please see the screenshot below. The owner of this GT6 needs to be contacted otherwise the car is being disposed of, so if anyone knows who owns it please pass this message on so they can respond on the Triumph GT6 facebook group and save their car.
  3. Now that things are opening up again post Covid it’s high time we started up the local group meetings again. However, the pub we used to meet at pre Covid (The Crooked Billet near Hook) is still not opening on Tuesdays and is closing early on other weekdays too. Our meeting is on the first Tuesday of the month and it's a combined meeting with the Club Triumph and the Triumph Dolomite Club. Alan as TSSC AO and myself as Club Triumph local Group Organiser have agreed a move to a new venue and we will formally move there from 6th July. Our local all makes Classic Car Club which I attend also use the Pub on a Wednesday and the Landlord is very classic friendly and very happy to host us. Details are:- The Twesledown Beacon Hill Road Church Crookham, Fleet, Hampshire, GU52 8DY I can recommend the Mexican burgers there too BTW!
  4. I posted about front Timpkin ones for GT6/Vitesse a few months back, Chris Witor was by far the cheapest for them, a quarter of the price of some of the other suppliers, GHB101D for the front inner, GHB102D for the front outer.
  5. Bugger, I've still not got mine that I ordered on Monday! Was it Royal mail that they were sent via?
  6. Post Matt put on Facebook about getting his Herald back on the road a few days ago...
  7. Yes I'm still in touch with Matt, and he is currently looking to drag his Herald out of hibernation so his daughter Ellie can use it..
  8. The original organising team (well from 95 actually) when it was an Essex Area organised event. Matt Hollingsworth (2nd right) who later emigrated to Bedfordshire (and was Herts and Beds AO for a while) was an Essex boy back then and one of the main organisers.
  9. we had club shop attendance in the early days as well Pete, not sure if it was at the first one, but pretty soon afterwards. The club also used to provide TSSC vouchers for raffle prizes right from the outset.
  10. I ordered mine last night, he will get inundated with orders now LOL
  11. yep, both sides, I was really surprised and glad I searched, Genuine Timken bearings from Chris Witor, GHB101 inner = £5.88 ea and GHB102 outer = £4.62. ea Out of the 3 other Triumph suppliers that I could find that actually advertise Timkins in their catalogue one was more then twice the price and 2 were nearly 3 times the price. I also saw the £81 set on ebay, what a rip off merchant! There were a few seperate bearings listed on ebay at a more resonable price but in single listings so would have had to place several orders for a set with different ebay sellers. Also knowing ebay you don't always get genuine stuff, could well be el cheapo bearings in a timkin box whereas I trust Witors to supply what they say they will.
  12. I seem to remember a code of conduct being published by the club that AOs had to follow a few years back, but I was no longer an AO when it came out so didn't really look at it TBH so not sure if that was of any help or not ?
  13. Absolutely Pete, the more GT6s pictures I take at events the less I have to write! The problem is there haven't been events happening this year so I've had to work harder, so the Duxford picnic has been a nice respite for me!
  14. A few pictures from the day uploaded into a facebook album (you can view even without a facebook account) https://www.facebook.com/andy.cook.3910/media_set?set=a.10219663834239981&type=3
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