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  1. Perfectly put, it is about the ritual as much as the music. And the sleeve and the artwork. Adrian
  2. Batten down the hatches Colin, comments about the wiring of that plug are heading your way! You first John? Adrian
  3. Ah, this allows me to (sort of) steer the thread back towards the topic. Just before Christmas I took my ancient valve guitar amplifier in to a specialist to be checked for electrical safety. He got very excited when I described it in an email and nearly ecstatic when he saw it. I have owned it since the late seventies, when I played a punk band, and it still has all the original Mullard valves. Apparently that makes it very collectable to some people. I'm sure that my days of playing live are long gone but I still couldn't think about selling it, despite the valuation of between £5-7k! However, the smile this news gave me did persist over a Christmas period spent looking after ailing old relatives and crappy teenagers. Have a look in your attics, retro stuff is worth a fortune. Adrian
  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery Pete. I'm sure that 10th Dans are indestructible. Adrian
  5. I remember a 2CV on a Vitesse chassis being advertised in the local paper in Nottingham when I was at Art college there in the mid 80s, is it the same one? The 'wolf in sheep's clothing' description was used for that one too. Where did you find this clipping Mark? Adrian
  6. I think the club magazine has been the 'Courier' from the start. The 'Turning Circle' editions were published alongside, at irregular intervals, and each of these was focussed on one particular model of the Sports Six family. The 'Turning Circles' were quietly dropped and never mentioned again beyond the late 80s. It must have been very difficult to find sufficient material to fill a magazine based on just one variant and the Couriers of that time were often quiet 'thin', with some recycling of articles from earlier issues. Adrian
  7. Many thanks to those of you who have sent me a pm, and an apology for posting the wrong link to our facebook page. It should be this https://www.facebook.com/Wild-Bentley-115974363104333 My mistake was in trying to do this myself rather than asking a teenager. Adrian
  8. This is an appeal for help really. I have just taken over as manager of the place that used to be called Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum, near Lewes in East Sussex. Maybe some of you know the place? Bentley has been closed since October last year and the exotic birds have gone from the reserve and the cars from the museum. I’m still working on the website but our facebook page (just search Facebook for Wild Bentley) gives details of our aims. To cut a long story short, Wild Bentley will be run as a charity and it will have several different objectives. The 32 acre, fox-proof fenced enclosure will be a reserve for endangered native species and we will aim to reintroduce some lost species too. If you have heard of the work being done at the Knepp Estate or know about ‘rewilding’ then you will know what we are aiming for. The woodland outside the reserve will be used for ‘green therapy’ in several forms. These therapies have been proven in Scandinavia for many years and the concept is gaining favour with UK GPs who are fed up with proscribing anti-depressants. If any of you have had the misfortune to have a teenager with any mental health issue then you will know that timely help from the NHS is impossible to get; they are simply overwhelmed. The bit that may be most interesting to my fellow petrol heads is the motor museum. Almost all the cars were privately owned and the owners had to remove them when it closed. Many of them, and several new owners, are keen to bring their cars back in time for the relaunch next Easter. I want to make the museum have a focus on the future of motoring and sustainable technologies as well as the history. I have had meetings with the Head of the Automotive Engineering course at Brighton University and he is very keen to work on projects with the museum with a view to getting young people interested in engineering. But, before I can get any cars or exhibits back I need to redecorate the museum and re-paint the floor, all 1,200 square metres of it. I have a small team of volunteers who are fantastic but I could do with more….. Do you live anywhere near East Sussex? Would you be able to spare and time at a weekend to come and help? Would you be interested in joining the volunteer group to staff the museum when it is open to the public next year? Do you or does anybody you know have a classic car that would be suitable for the museum? Are you interested in conservation and wildlife? Could you help us to clear 100s of metres of fencing out of the reserve? Are you a keen gardener who could help with restoring the formal gardens? Do you have any expertise in any aspect of nature that would make you a good guide for tours of the reserve when it reopens to the public? If not yourself, do you know of anyone who has time and interest in any of these areas? Thank you for reading this over-long post and thanks to Kevin for allowing me to place it here. Have a look at the Wild Bentley Facebook page www.facebook.com/Wild-Bentley-115974363104333 and PM me if you are interested in any aspect or can help in any way. Thank you Adrian
  9. Good detective work John, that's where I discovered this stuff. And that answers why I couldn't find the thread on this forum too! That's an interesting point Colin, In theory just bending the needle would reduce the available range of movement in the gauge, whereas using the adjustment points will shift the centre point of the whole gauge; In practice I doubt it makes much difference in such a crude instrument. Adrian
  10. I had the same problem with the temperature gauge reading too high on my Spitfire even though a check with a thermometer confirmed the engine was not overheating. I tried several different senders and none of them put the needle in the middle. So I took Pete's advice on a previous thread and adjusted the gauge to read 'normal' in the car's usual operating temperature. I've had a quick search for the thread but couldn't find it, but the adjustment of the gauge is fairly simple, if a bit 'hit and miss'. If you take the gauge out of the car and look on the back you will see two small holes filled in with small rubber or cork bungs. These give access to the adjustment within the gauge which should be done with the correct tool, but a small screwdriver can work. Small movements at a time are the trick. I ran the car for the next few days with a cheap ebay digital thermometer, with its probe attached to a water hose, just to check that the gauge was going to indicate if the engine did get hot and I was happy to see that it did go above normal when stopped in traffic. It was a bit of a faf but I now have a gauge that sits in the middle and one that I can have some confidence in. I'm sure that Pete will be along soon if I have got any of this wrong. The picture attached shows one of the adjustment points and the other is in the plate marked 'coil' Adrian
  11. Hello Kevin, My Mk2 is now my everyday transport and I agree with your restorer, don't bother with the locks. Anybody who wants to get into your car will un-clip the hood or slash it. The best approach is the leave nothing of value in the car and to fit a really good quality secondary locking device. I use a disclok which fits over the steering wheel and is Thatcham approved, and I usually use one of those things that locks the handbrake to the gear lever too to make it hard to release the handbrake (not that anybody can work out how to release the 'fly off' handbrake anyway) If I'm really feeling nervous I have a hidden fuel tap in the boot. A professionally fitted alarm/immobiliser would be an excellent thing to have. Adrian
  12. Spooky, I'm sitting here with a glass of St Peter's Ruby Ale, also good stuff.
  13. That's what I used on my hard top headlining. I mixed a little PVA glue into the paint too to give it a slight sheen. It lasted for years until the hard top rusted away. Adrian
  14. Indeed, and the threads often drift in interesting directions, but the OP did specifically request that we didn't drift this thread too far. Doug, as for there being no active admins, have you not met Kevin? He has a light touch but he is definitely keeping an eye on us! Adrian
  15. I have to say I agree with John on this. Pete's star is a fitting tribute to his devotion to this forum and his posts show how modest he is, as well as being the valuable source of first- hand experience that benefits us all. The "not even close to Pete Lewis' tag just seems crass when it appears below the avatars of some of my favourite contributors. I'm sure it is well meant, but it does strike an unnecessary wrong note in my opinion. I can see why the venerable John D feels slighted, I know I would feel the same if I had contributed as much as he has. Adrian
  16. One on ebay at the moment https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Spitfire-Mk1-2-3-Boot-Lid-Original-Steel-VGC-for-age/233311718299?hash=item3652764b9b:g:61IAAOSwPqtdUIGN
  17. Being 1/4 Italian I feel a natural affinity for the country and the people but Italian drivers just need to be avoided. A drive along the Amalfi coast, 20 years ago, in a crappy little hire car was an experience that still makes my blood run cold, but it was a trip in an Italian excursion coach that was shocking from start to disastrous finish. The coach driver missed the entrance to the motorway and decided to drive the wrong way up the exit slip road. He did manage to avoid the startled cars coming off the motorway and made it to the motorway where he waited for a 'gap' in the traffic. The other passengers seemed oblivious to his intentions but I could see that he wouldn't be able to make the U turn onto the carriageway in one hit, I also knew from earlier in the trip hat he had trouble finding reverse gear and wouldn't be able to do a 3 point turn. I grabbed my wife and we exited the coach before he moved off. He did have a go, and did get stuck against the armco, and was unable to reverse back. The first line of cars did manage to screech to a halt but the ones behind didn't and punted them into the side of the coach. The multi car pile-up seemed to go on for an eternity, almost as long as the punch-up between the coach driver and some of the furious drivers. Adrian
  18. I'm sure that Nick is right. This happened to my Spitfire and I was able to fix it without removing the gearbox. First take off the H frame and gearbox cover and have a look on the right side of the bell housing, near the pedals. the pivot pin fits through the squarish bulge, running vertically. You may be lucky and find that the pin is still there, dangling from the bottom of the bell housing but it's probably long gone. Either way I would replace it with one with a shoulder at the top to prevent it falling out again. The only difficult bit will be getting the hole through the clutch release arm to get back in line with the hole through the bell housing so that the new pin can drop into place. Taking off the slave cylinder may help here as you can grip the release pin and pull the arm that way, and try sticking a thin screwdriver down through the pivot pin hole to drag the arm into place. Good luck! Adrian
  19. I would suggest caution before applying heat to the sump plug as I think the plug hole is soldered to the sump and heat may melt the solder and leave you with a large hole in the sump. At least on my Mk2 the plug hole is soldered on. Adrian
  20. I don't think that the Mk2s had seatbelts fitted from the factory, rather by the dealer who sold them, and so the fitting methods differ. Mine has the 3 points that BW mentions but I had a friend who's Mk2 just had 2 point lap belts. My static belts are a nuisance but I agree with Non-Member's warning that inertia belts might be even more annoying. Can you go along to a club meeting and see what other owners have, how they have fitted them and if they work?
  21. About 25 years ago, as I was driving home from work, I spotted a rear light lens sitting on the crown of a busy A road. I only had a brief glimpse of it as I sped past but I was pretty sure that it was for a round-tail Spitfire and I thought 'I'll have that'. I pulled off the road and ran back and waited for a gap in the traffic with my heart in my mouth unless it got run over before I could scoop it up. I did manage to get it and I was thinking how lucky I was to find such a useful part as I walked back to my Spitfire; it was at that point that I noticed that my car was missing a rear light lens. I must have fallen off as I drove to work 10 hours earlier. I never did find the screw though.
  22. As I get older I find myself getting more and more like my father. He would always (politely) refuse to 'Gift Aid' any of his many charitable donations on the principle that the Taxman would make just as good use of the money funding schools, hospitals, emergency services etc. I'm not suggesting that the club changes anything in its arrangements but it does make me a little uncomfortable that the Taxman is helping to fund our car club. Oh dear, shall I join the others from this thread (don't know who they are) on the naughty step. Adrian
  23. Hi Graham, My 'restored by John Bonnett' part is a much more humble speedo trip reset cable but I feel it lends my car an extra magic that will only be understood by those who have seen his work. I agree it's a shame that John is not a contributor to this forum anymore. He and I did correspond for a while and he sent me some very useful advice on rewiring my Spitfire. The last I heard from him he had just bought a Austin 7 that he was going to re-body in aluminium, but it has all gone quiet for a long time and I can't find any information on this project for more than a year. I wonder if anybody here knows more? Adrian
  24. Hold on, that changes everything. John's work is art. Adrian
  25. Good evening Richard, Caroline and I are planning to drive out to the Arlington Bluebell woods first thing and then to lunch at the Six Bells in Chidingly. Can't go far as we are parent sitting. What are you planning and which one of yours will you be driving? Have a good day. Adrian
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