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  1. Hi All! Well! I ordered a Carb Gasket set for a Vitesse 1600/6 (RV6119) (GRN 376509) and they arrived from Rimmer Bros promptly! I dismantled the 150CD Carb to find that the Gasket Set was the wrong type? They were for a 1600/6 but my vehicle was a "Late" (July 66 Model) on changeover period. On checking the listing on Rimmer Bros, the ones I needed where for a Vitesse Mk1 2Ltr (RH5220)? They also had a Mk2 2Ltr set that where also different! I will now, as on a many previous time send these back as this car is a parts bin of the two different models and order the correct ones for the c
  2. I am now waiting for the new Diaphrams and seals for the Carbs to arrive, as I had a leak on the first try at turning the car over! As soon as its running I can finish off fitting the Dash. The Door barrel is on Back Order! then its fitting the carpets etc and lining up the bonnet and doors(or the other way around).
  3. I am nearly there! a few more months, then its getting it started again, since it was last on the road in 1985 and dismantled since 1997 when I found it in a barn on Totnes Mountain somewhere!
  4. We used have a large Tin bath and all six of us used to que up for a bath in front of the fire in the kitchen on a Sunday, we also had a a outside toilet and our toilet paper was the news paper!! Six children and 2 x adults in a two & half bedroom terraced miners house!
  5. DVLA are on/have been/are going on "Strike" reference Covid??
  6. Hi Pete! Just purchased another O Ring! As when I cranked the engine over for the first time, since 1997, the oil began to seep out! Also the Adjuster Screw on the Carb began to leak petrol so thats the other job I have to do1 just ordered 2 x Carb Gasket sets. Cheers Martyn PS I will have this on the road by beginning of Summer????
  7. Thanks Colin! The fibre washer is fitted to the outer case, I have a new fibre washer coming to replace it, but still have a spare fibre washer as shown on the pic next to the steel washer? Kind Regards Martyn
  8. Hi! This is the Oil Filter Bolt with the parts "that I think is the sequence" they should fit?? But if you look I have a Steel Washer and a Aspestos type washer spare in front of the spring??
  9. Hi All! Does anyone have a "Clear Diagram" of the parts that make up the Oil Filter Bolt? There is a seal in the outer Case where the Bolt feeds through, but its the inner parts I need to fit in the correct order! The Workshop Manual has very poor diagrams? and Canleys are a bit vague! Kind regards Martyn
  10. Not interested in a Dynomotor! Just trying to find out which Alternator I need for the Vitesse 1600/6 and if the one on Ebay (secondhand + Conversion Kit) is suitable ?
  11. Also Pete! my Adjusting nut on my Stromberg Carbs is leaking? I have the "O Rings" can I unscrew the bottom half/ part of the Carb and fit these without taking the whole Carb off??
  12. Hi Pete! Thanks for that! Is there a special type of alternator I will need, There is one for a "Spitfire/Herald" on ebay from Spitfire spares £49 + £10 post and brackets incl??
  13. Hi Jonny! The Dynamo is okay, but was thinking of upgrading as I am also fitting a radio? Everyone seems to say that a alternator is the way to go?? Cheers martyn
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