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  1. My Vitesse is 1966, they didnt have a servo! I have found out that the one I have is off a MGB, but is it compatible??
  2. Hi! I since found that it also fits a MGB? The Servo is a 7"!
  3. Hi All! I have just aquired a Lockheed Servo Complete with pipes etc and the codes on the unit are: 32326560 Lockheed Q609 and on the Silver Alloy Tag 4237 812 I was told that it came off a Vitesse, but enquiring to see if this is the correct one for my car?? Can anyone help Please!
  4. Hi All! I was hoping to attend the Malvern Show, but I don't think my 1600/6 will be finished in time!
  5. Well my Brand New Pump arrived and it has cured the fuel starvation problem and the Vitesse STARTED for the first time since 1997! Ya Hooo! Only for a couple of seconds tho, now I need to sort out the Carbs!
  6. Not sure that everyone is aware of this but, my vehicle is a Late July 1966 1600/6 Vitesse and has the CD150 Carb Metering Needle Code 7B and Jets Code 3027, were produced for the Model Years 1965-1966 only?? Cheers Martyn
  7. Hi! I had a major problem getting the new valves in! It still wasnt pushing the petrol thro enough. So I went on ebay to try and find a second hand one or NEW if possible??? I found 2 x used, then keyed in "fuelpump" (not leaving a gap in between the words" by mistake and found a Brand New (Still in the wrapper) old stock, with a "make an offer price of £24 plus postage" So I did and got the Pump for £17.50!! It turned up so I checked the internals and it even had a AC Stamped Diaphram. All spanking new. Well chuffed!
  8. Hi! Does anyone now the best place to purchase a Metering Needle for a Stromberg CD150 for a 1600/6? Canley are back order?
  9. Thanks Pete! Well I did not know that! I did place a inline filter at the top of the tank! I have checked and have petrol flow to the Carbs. She almost started, but will now check the distributor angle as I have a spark and balance the Carbs
  10. Okay! It has a Main Tank and a reserve Tank!
  11. Well! My pump is now sucking up using the manaul feeder!
  12. Hi! Its the Twin Tank model! It has had all new Rubber Pipes. I have just Blown down from the Tanks and the inline filter is now wet and fuel came out below the Fuel Bump! I will now connect the pipe from a bottle to the pump and see if the fuel pump is sucking up! Many Thanks
  13. Hi! My 1966/6 Vitesse has not been on the road since 1985! and only driven 30 miles from a barn, in Totnes to home some 30 miles, in 1997. It has a Double Tank! I fitted a New Sender, New Fuel Pipes to the Fuel Pump! The Fuel Pump has had a New Service Kit! I have filled the tank with approx 2 gallons of petrol, tried manually priming to no avail! but on turnover of the engine the petrol is not getting to the Pump? Any Ideas Please??
  14. Canleys are: £72.63 a pair! Unfortunately I think most parts have gone up?
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