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  1. Canleys are: £72.63 a pair! Unfortunately I think most parts have gone up?
  2. Yes! I agree with Pete! I took the whole glass mech and inners of the door as I was refurbishing them. I had to drill out the 2 rivets as per Colin Lindseys comments!
  3. Take a look at Bodywork & Fittings page 14 - my 1600/6, I believe you can replace by removing 2 x rivets?? Its about 2 years ago since I did this??
  4. Take a look at Bodywork & fittings Page 14- Ref my 1600/6
  5. Welcome Henk! TSSC Forum IS a fun place, full of fun people and cars. You will enjoy the banter!!
  6. Hi! If you look at Vitesse Static Seatbelts under Bodywork & Fittings, page 3 there are pictures of fitting Static and Inerta Belts!
  7. Hi Pete! Looking at your 2 x Pipes coming from the Air Box, do they fit into a bracket on the Radiator? My brother has a bracket, but I am unable to find a code on any of the books that I have?? Cheers martyn
  8. Hi! I have a late 1966 1600/6 with 150CD Carbs with a Rod System and my brother has a 1970 2ltr Mk2 with 150 CD Carbs! Is there a difference? or is it because the layout is different as he has a Cable setup?
  9. Yes! Will measure the distance, it should be about 3/4 to a inch long? Thanks Pete
  10. Hi All! Apparently the above "Spring" is obsolete? Does anyone have a photo and size to allow me to find one?? Many Thanks
  11. Update! Carb Exchange.co.uk have sent me their Parts Code for the "Bob Weight Spring" (Canley Classic Code 513726) for the matching item "Return Spring" ( Carb Exchange Code 020362). I have asked for x2 One as a back up and am waiting for their reply with price! Thanks Pete!! SL337 image.pdf SL337 parts.pdf
  12. Hi! On the 1600/6 Stromberg Carb Diagram from Canley Classics there is a No 34 which is classed as a "Bob Weight Spring" Part No 513726! This missing on my Carb so does anyone now the size or where I can get one as "Rimmer nor Canley" have them? Kind Regards
  13. Thanks Colin! I thought I saw a thin millboard cover. I would have thought that these ae now Not Available? Cheers martyn
  14. Hi Gary! That there is the Vinyl from the Hood! I thought that there was also a thin Millboard that covered that for some reason?
  15. Hi! Where the Hood Latch fits onto the Hood Head runner Bar that fits across the front of the Hood? Does it have a Black Millboard backing underneath?? I know that that the Hood fits over the front bar? Its been so long that I actually thought it was a Millboard finish??
  16. Hi All! Well! I ordered a Carb Gasket set for a Vitesse 1600/6 (RV6119) (GRN 376509) and they arrived from Rimmer Bros promptly! I dismantled the 150CD Carb to find that the Gasket Set was the wrong type? They were for a 1600/6 but my vehicle was a "Late" (July 66 Model) on changeover period. On checking the listing on Rimmer Bros, the ones I needed where for a Vitesse Mk1 2Ltr (RH5220)? They also had a Mk2 2Ltr set that where also different! I will now, as on a many previous time send these back as this car is a parts bin of the two different models and order the correct ones for the car!! Another week wasted! Martyn
  17. I am now waiting for the new Diaphrams and seals for the Carbs to arrive, as I had a leak on the first try at turning the car over! As soon as its running I can finish off fitting the Dash. The Door barrel is on Back Order! then its fitting the carpets etc and lining up the bonnet and doors(or the other way around).
  18. I am nearly there! a few more months, then its getting it started again, since it was last on the road in 1985 and dismantled since 1997 when I found it in a barn on Totnes Mountain somewhere!
  19. We used have a large Tin bath and all six of us used to que up for a bath in front of the fire in the kitchen on a Sunday, we also had a a outside toilet and our toilet paper was the news paper!! Six children and 2 x adults in a two & half bedroom terraced miners house!
  20. DVLA are on/have been/are going on "Strike" reference Covid??
  21. Hi Pete! Just purchased another O Ring! As when I cranked the engine over for the first time, since 1997, the oil began to seep out! Also the Adjuster Screw on the Carb began to leak petrol so thats the other job I have to do1 just ordered 2 x Carb Gasket sets. Cheers Martyn PS I will have this on the road by beginning of Summer????
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