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  1. Probably to allow radio to be fitted to the front of the oddments tray Ignore me - that's nonsense C.
  2. +1 for Rustins Plastic Coating. Technically it isn't UV resistant and after 15 years my dash is starting to deteriorate slightly. C.
  3. Angle driver grinder spanner is just about right. I had a light one which I bent to suit. C.
  4. How many turns lock to lock? Might have a Herald/Spit rack fitted C.
  5. Welcome. The guys like pictures. C.
  6. Yes, in fact I believe they are the same. Late ('hot cam') 1200 engines were the same as the 12/50 apart from the exhaust manifold. C,
  7. 6 dimple version can normally be done up/undone using an angle grinder tool. It might need a little squeeze, though. C.
  8. Not unusual, yes, it's due to slamming the door. Ignore them ! C.
  9. John Kipping used to recommend ditching the straps and bolting the two parts together. C.
  10. Pretty. Can I see a sunroof? C,
  11. I have an old bicycle spoke in my tools to press the button in. Still might take a good bit of pulling C,
  12. I had an owner converted Vit Mk 2 estate for about 13 years and I loved it. It did have the usual problems with the handbrake guides roto/non-roto but that was a minor problem. Also had a 1500 engined 1200 estate for 3 years which was also great, but a very different car. C
  13. It helps if you can imagine that the car body is a wire. Something that confuses people is that some (most) circuits take positive power from the battery, through the switch, to the component and back to the battery by wire or the earth, while others (e.g. horn, wipers) feed positive power to the component then the switch, then back to the battery. This is referred to as 'earth switched'. In the case of the wipers, this allows for a self park mechanism to be fitted. There must be a reason for the horn but I can't think why they chose 'earth switched'. I second AA Book of the Car (Vitesse used as example for some parts) C.
  14. I agree with Nigel. The GD engine is 48 bhp with single solex and the cast exhaust manifold. The tubular manifold will allow it to flow better. The twin SUs will only have much effect at higher revs and will probably not contribute much to driveability. Enjoy the car as it comes to you - get to know it for a year (I expect there will be other things to get to grips with) and consider upgrading the engine to Mk 2 spec. in due course. A lot depends on how you are likely to use it. If it's a fun occasional car then I expect you could get loads of enjoyment from it as it is. If it's to be an every day driver for long distances then upgrading might be worthwhile. C.
  15. HD had thicker gauge metal. I have some (not a set) C.
  16. The 28 days figure announced daily is a crude but fast measure to see how things are going. The ONS stats are derived from the death certificates and are used to compare with 'normal' all cause deaths and are more useful in taking a longer view and causation analysis/trends, etc. In cases of (traffic) accidents, murders, etc. the death certificate isn't issued until after the inquest which may be years later. C.
  17. All the way, then back off to first working position C.
  18. Closer to the sea. Note my profile pic. Further thread drift alert! BTW, Colin, the first of our Swanage Festivals to announce this year is the folk Festival: Swanage Folk Festival to go ahead but jazz festival bows out for 2021 – Swanage News Swanage Folk Festival C.
  19. Ideal for chisels and bench tools. I have one too. For Axes, I normally I use a water lubricated canoe stone or axe puck but if the edge is in a poor state my go-to method for axes and similar is an 80 grit angle grinder flap wheel. Pretty aggressive when new but soon calm down and, if you keep it moving, it doesn't overheat the edge. It's not just the edge that matters, pay attention to the shoulders behind the edge. I do like my edge tools sharp and I am soon due to give a session on tool maintenance to the apprentices at the local country park (not the first and I do maintain their tools). C.
  20. To grind an axe you need a water lubricated wheel, otherwise it will lose it's temper. I have the vernier callipers and they work just fine. When I bought them I didn't expect to use them much but I'm always reaching for them. C,
  21. My understanding, gained from another board I used to frequent (with some very knowledgeable contributors), was that caps were increased to 13lb when the quality of the hoses was improved. C.
  22. Yes, consent required and planning constraints. Blackthorn is not normally on my list of recommendations (for various reasons) but it is great for wildlife and there could well be reasons for it to be specified. Case by case basis. As it happens I was out planting a hedge today. C.
  23. Shame the The Hedgerows Regulations 1997 only apply to England and Wales! C.
  24. Casper

    Stuck inside

    All a bit esoteric for me. Crystal sets were my thing C.
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