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  1. I'll be honest, I have never had to replace an OE bush. I would not fit a modern repro rubber bush.... I fitted club shop bushes to my subaru conversion. Sadly the metal mounts I had made were not strong enough, and the front fractured, and twisted, eventually causing the rear bushes to deform. Now replaced, and 15K on are still perfect. (I had to make my own mounting plate, probably should have done in the first place) Likewise OE spring eye bushes seem to last forever, I killed a pair of repro ones in a weekend.
  2. Indeed, all the same. Chris witor is usually the man to buy poly bushes from. May not be cheapest, but always the best. the club shop may be superflex too?
  3. https://www.minisport.com/20psi-oil-pressure-switch-mini.html is just one, but google is your friend. Plenty available, probably a range of pressures too. I am tempted to fit one (it is on the shelf) but use a T and have the 20psi one connected to a super bright LED that will be far more obvious if pressure drops than a gauge. there are even adjustable switches available should you wish to experient https://www.med-engineering.co.uk/oil-pressure-switch or demon tweaks has both https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/longacre-universal-low-oil-pressure-switch-346246/
  4. It is possible to get higher rated ol pressure switches. A 20psi one may be ideal, giving a decent amount of warning. More useful than a gauge, as they become obsessive and you watch that rather than the road....
  5. Box will only come out from above. Either that, or engine/box in one. I reckon I can get a box out by myself in a few hours without too much hassle. Getting the H frame/tunnel etc is the faff.
  6. Sorry, I didn't answer the OP question. All herald props are the same length. And the late 13/60 is the same. I have no idea where some of these anomalies started? Anyway, if you have a new one made it is sensible to have a sliding joint. It will make fitting easier, and mean the UJs have an easier life. Dave Mac certainly knows his stuff...
  7. Ah, thats where it comes from... I did just that for a chappie who had terrible vibration. Cured it in 10 mins (or less?) Just undid the bolts holding te straps, and rotated teh shaft 90degrees, bolted back up and hey presto, no vibration. Free, quick, nothing to lose.
  8. You could try Owen springs. Or if in good condition, get yours reset (if the steel is any good, many springs are made with poor quality steel, so would not be an option) Owen springs make them for a few places. Yes, you can get cheap springs. I had one, "normal" price not an ebay special, from a big retailer, sagged in a weekend, bushes disintegrated and I returned it. In the end I made a spring up starting from an odd rotoflex GT6 spring that was unused but probably 20 years old. Still insure where it came from or why. Then fiddled with some herald leaves. Got something that works with
  9. clive


    http://www.hottr6.com/triumph/tr6cams.html that should give you some ideas. Performance cams tend to have big valve clearances, typically around 20thou, and usually 2 thou bigger on the exhaust. It does manke a big difference too, having tried teh std 10thou clearance on a TH5 cam. Took the edge off performance.
  10. It might be exciting to drive.....
  11. My money is on the spring sagging. I had a swingspring about 25 years ago, from one of teh big, well regarded suppliers. Sagged in 2 years. Replaced with a used one, no more problems.
  12. I doubt you will see much extra from the engine, and you probably haven't checked the CO emissions over the rev range on a rolling road or by using a wideband sensor. Yours may be rich already once off idle, or a tad weak (but rich is far far more common). So don't play with needles without knowing what is happening. I have not seen what is supplied with the shop mounting kit, but if they supply the little rubber bobbin mounts, I would avoid having the exhaust hanging on them. They are designed to be used in compression, which requires some simple brackets. Likewise make sure the exhaust
  13. Did you check the dizzy is advancing OK? It isn't an intermotor coil is it? every one I have known of has failed.....always when hot but usually OK when cooled.
  14. The one I have heard about is going in a big saloon, copying Mr Pearsons prototype. A normal Triumph 6 is enough grief in a spitfire, I am unsure how much taller the 2600 is, but it will multiply the headaches. And as I said, could end up being very ugly. Like some of the USA "modified" cars with what appears to be an inverted wheelbarrow stitched to the bonnet top.
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