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  1. Thanks Dick - found and downloaded! Can't understand why I couldn't find it! Cheers.
  2. Is it me? Can't find the form on the website... Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. Just converted mine back to static belts as got fed up with the inertia belts not pulling out every time (or at all on the passenger side). Probably caused by the mountings not being in the right plane. Tried the club's static belts but they were too short so ended up having a pair made up by Quickfit, with the old (airline seat style) buckles. Very pleased with them, but not everyone will like them and they are a bit fiddly. Look nice though!
  4. Anyone any ideas on famous Vitesse owners? All I have so far is TV's Shaw Taylor (Police 5), actor Trudie Goodwin (June Ackland in The Bill) and racing driver Richard Attwood. There must a be a lot more - current or past. Any suggestions? Looking for this for something I'm writing up on the car. Thanks all. Andy
  5. Had my lovely Triumph for three years now and am getting increasingly frustrated that I know nothing of what it was doing was from 1969 to 2010. Here's what I know: Registered in Nottingham (Mitchells of Nottingham) on 7 January 1969. Royal blue/black interior. I'm the 7th owner, the 6th had the car from 2010 to 2017 and lived in Croydon. He bought it from a dealer who thought it might have come from East Anglia. Dealer resprayed it Wedgewood Blue. Some time after 1969 it was resprayed first BRG then red. At some point it was fitted with an SAH rocker cover and may have an SAH head too. Overdrive possibly a later fitment too. Otherwise standard, indeed the whole car was very original (apart from colour). If anyone can help I'd be very grateful. Car is a keeper - just want to know a bit more about it! Many, many thanks if you can help.
  6. Thanks all - yes DVLA ignored my V888 request completely. Looking to try again but I think need to come up with a very good reason why I need to know. Thank you for all your kind comments on the car - I love it and how it looks. Was lucky enough to have it on the club stand at the NEC last weekend and in fact it celebrated its 50th birthday on Friday 9 November. It was made on 9 November 1968 according to the Heritage Certificate. Incidentally, they are great - don't say a lot but look smart and confirm it's an original engine and convertible chassis. Not that I ever plan to sell the car - but it's nice to know! The black folder is also useful to keep other key documents in. Thanks again.
  7. Anyone know if we have a club stand there and if so what promotional code to quote. Thanks.
  8. Thanks all - it's looking like rusty is the short term answer. Longer term... will wait till I need to take the head off for any reason. Andy
  9. Currently silver (ali) painted but with lots of paint flaking off/rust. What colour should it be? I'm thinking ali again or a more 'natural' looking gunmetal colour. Or should I just strip off all the paint, leaving it to gently rust naturally? I'm hoping to do it without removing the manifold. Possible? Thanks all. Andy
  10. Hi - I bought the car in July and am bringing it up to the best I can get it. I have its history since 2006 and know it began life in Jan 1969 but don't know much about it between those years! It was first registered at F Mitchell in Nottingham and was originally Royal Blue, then red, then green, and now Wedgewood Blue. If anyone knows anything about the car's background (I believe it had a big refurb about eight years ago when it gained its current colour) I'd be very grateful. Incidentally, love the car and wish I'd bought one earlier! Thanks in advance. Andy
  11. Just bought a new grommet - the one that sits immediately below the fuel filler cap and stops the metal filler tube rubbing against the car's body. Questions: Do I need to remove or loosen the fuel tank to fit the grommet? Any tips etc if that's needed? My first post - so thanks in advance! Andy
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