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  1. Thanks for the responses guys. I may get in touch with Euan and see if he's up for guiding me in the right direction. As for bleeding the clutch it was suggested to me that taking the gearbox tunnel off is the easiest way to get to the slave. (the only jack i have is a scissor only safe enough to change a wheel and i have no ramps) What are your thoughts on this? Thanks, Kyle
  2. Hi All, I am in a bit of predicament My 13/60 herald is playing up big time and i just don't know where to start. To make matters worse this is my only car and i don't have use of welders, Garages, even jacks etc. to fix it. Just a Medium sized blue tool box for simple jobs. Firstly whenever i go above 40MPH the car rumbles like crazy. This has been an ongoing issue. I have replaced the Diff and one of the rear UJ's the bearings seem ok. Bushes are a mismatch of rubber a Poly. And secondly my Clutch master cylinder is next to useless. Just about works but the problem i have is i don't have anyone to help bleed it after replacement. Can this job be done on my own? Finally is there anybody in the Edinburgh area that could give me a hand/teach me about Triumphs? Can pay in Beers or Beer money I can't really take it to a Garage either. I am a student who earns very very little. Look forward to your responses. Maybe i might finally get my herald driving smoothly again. Kyle p.s Another slight issue is that when ever i come off the Accelerator or engine brake there appears to be a very brief grinding coming from the engine not loud but is there.
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