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  1. Sorry that should say landrover wheel not land cover. Predictive text hiccup. Ps the wheels on the herald are fine.
  2. I have a long running advisory on a landcover I have ignored 3 years on the trot. Perhaps the wheel will fall off one day.
  3. I acquired the car December 2009 as a Christmas present after the above .The car is as I describe and I consulted my maintenance diary for the advert. I have the previous owner's MOT from Corbridge Newcastle in front of me as I type this, dated Sept 23rd 2009 Time 13.51 as a PASS so he must have done something to it before he sold it to me. Presumably the wheel bearing work. He gave me the green certificate only, perhaps for that reason. My wife arranged transfer of ownership without my knowledge on the 10/12 2009. To re-iterate the sodablasting made it clear the outriggers needed doing in July '10 under that MOT & I SORN'd in Jan 2011 however I probably did not MOT in October '10 as it was winter garaged anyway & I cannot find a form. You may correct me. That slight corrosion was probably the outriggers hidden under the goo? I think whomsoever missed the extent. Don't know. It could read like I am being dishonest or misrepresenting, so perhaps I could be a little upset by that. But I won't be. I welcome all knowledge of the car to be made available ( I did not know you could do that and feel free to post any relevant other documentation/information you find ). To repeat I am an honest private seller looking for an honest buyer and am happy for anybody to have a look.
  4. re Corrosion. No it has never been mentioned in any MOT. Not even the outriggers. I had it sodablasted in July 2011 and picked the outriggers up myself when the thick goo was removed. The previous owner had used the rather old-fashioned idea of coating the chassis with old engine oil. I then got it sorted as it was going to be a longterm keep, and during this time it had a brief SORN Jan 11 to April 11 while it was sorted. The other stuff is superficial and cosmetic. It really is so minor I have not bothered. None of it is visible. The car really is not hiding any dark secrets. I am a wax-oiler rather than under-sealer as I like to be able to see what is going on rather than it being hidden under the sealant. I make the exception for the wheel arches for which I put thicker stuff in. The sunroof and headlining are the tiredest part of it.
  5. Ta, Quite happy for that. Spread the word. Kind regards
  6. Put it on Car and Classic. 1962 two tone red/white with a sun roof but would prefer a Triumph enthusiast to own it. It's in Shropshire, and in good shape & can be driven away, in case anybody is looking. Good starter classic. regards. awind269
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