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  1. Working again! Took the pump off and stripped it down, checked it was pumping liquid in the sink - it was, so reassembled and put back on. Now pumping away merrily, so it must have been a stuck valve or something. Anyway, thanks for all the advice, and Happy Heralds to all!
  2. Thanks, everyone, for all the replies so quickly! Firstly, yes, the car simply wouldn't fire up one week, so I checked all the usual things and discovered the carb was dry, then worked back to the fuel pump, which was also dry. Waggling the lever didn't pull any fuel through. I have checked for blockages by blowing back down the pipe to the tank, and it bubbled away nicely, so no blockage there. I will start by taking the pump off and seeing if it pumps liquid via the lever, then try dismantling the pump to check the diaphragm, and also check the short rubber hose at the tank as well! TBC...
  3. The fuel pump on my 1969 Herald 13/60 is not pumping any fuel. Is the best option simply to buy a replacement pump, or to try and rebuild it with a spares kit? Thanks.
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