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  1. Back after a year away, I cannot navigate this website to find adverts for cars and parts etc for sale. Where is it and how do I view. I generally live on PistonHeads which gets a slating for not working but this is truly awfully non intuitive. Any step by step help would be great. Thanks
  2. Years since I have been on here but seeking a little advice. The Exhaust manifold gasket on my v.early Mk1 2Litre Vitesse has been blowing lightly, “phut phutting”for several years now and due to my local specialist telling me he was not taking on anymore work (that was two years ago). I now feel I should have a go myself. I have tools and a Haynes manual and am reasonably competent in a take it off clean it and put it back together again kind of a way. Does anyone have any ideas on time to do and any tips? thanks in anticipation
  3. 1955 Jaguar XK140 FHC with steel wheels and spats. My triumph is 1967 Vitesse 2.0 Saloon built November 1966 and believed possibly oldest 2.0 on the road. These are my two classics which I drive every week.
  4. It's personal choice. I'm in the period modifications and originality camp and like to keep mine original where possible. I would also suggest if you take it off you keep it with the car for reversal in the future. It's yours so have fun......wasn't it lurking on eBay for a while?
  5. I don't agree with the previous unless you have no interest in cars. We are looking at changing our 2 year old Mercedes B Class Sport next May so have started ruling out cars now based on practical requirements , ie 2 little kids and a dog. Next we will look at what they drive like , then specification within our budget and last thing is colour. An uninterested buyer quite often spending someone else's money (allowance) will end up in a silver / grey box.....but not us! I also own a 2013 Fiat Panda Trekking ...not everyone's choice but a fantastic little commuter that returns 68 mpg and can go almost anywhere. Mike
  6. Just my opinion but it sounds like you have only driven your car in a " faulty" state. The diff sounds like it may me the answer but the advice to talk to owners of standard cars and see how they run is wise. A well sorted standard car with set up Strombergs is a joyous thing. Obviously it's your money but 5 to 6k is nuts. New cylinder head, carb rebuild and set up, gearbox rebuild and possibly the correct diff and you will be a happy man and thousands better off!. From that point you could modify at your own pace but probably wouldn't want to . I use Dave Saunders at Triumphspares in Spetchley near Worcester and what he doesn't know hasn't been discovered yet. I usually have to twist his arm for me to spend any money as he won't do unnecessary work. Please try a ride in a standard car as there are plenty in the club and extremely knowledgable owners and I think with your willingness to spend your car will be sorted.
  7. Mike

    SAH Filler Cap Removal

    Roy, did you win this one on EBay the other week? I was watching one but didn't bid this time but plan to get the next one....just to have which I know is a little sad. Mike
  8. Thanks for all the tips folks. Still full of the post holiday bliss and your memories make me want to get in the car and head off tonight, We were in Honfleur for a night and I want to get the Vitesse out there and get some great photos and just enjoy the " burble" as we explore the towns, villages and food. Mike
  9. Cheers guys, just done Erquy to Calais then tunnel and home to Malvern. 6 hours plus in France then another 3 this side. In the Modern B Class Sport it was no drama and love the tunnel but the Vitesse would love me more/ as I'm sure would the kids with the shorter route. I would definitely do the cabin as I think as I get older I can do without the drama of "cattle class" on the decks fighting for somewhere to sit. I like the idea of poking round Portsmouth also as when I was a kid my moms uncle had a boat at Victory docks and we used to sail around Brittania. The overall drive would be much more pleasant too.
  10. Thinking having returned this week from Brittany on the Eurotunnel that I may return with the wife and kids in the Vitesse for a long weekend. As we live in Malvern Portsmouth - Le Harvre/ Dieppe would save the Triumph a few hundred miles each way and we could wake up en Francais full of beans and ready to go. Anyone done this route?
  11. Mike

    Picture size

    I'm not great with computers and rarely turn ours on. There seems no way to do any of this from an iPad, well that's if I understood any of what was said above. I use Pistonheads forum and its easy with an option box under the text to add an image. and hey presto it works. I understand the need to preserve storage etc. but this is really overly complicated. I opened a Photobucket and deleted it within 2 hrs due to not being able to link across. Please no more pictures of Cookies cars outside his house!!!!! joking.
  12. I had an inertia reel belt made for my Vitesse Saloon rear seats by a company called Quickfitsbs in a colour to match the original blue front lap belts. They were very nicely made but didn't work properly as due to the belt reel being mounted on the parcel shelf the mechanism would snag as its supposed to as the belt ran over the top of the seat. I removed it today and am now going to order their harness variety as they can be adjusted as my 6 and 9 year olds grow. Their products are very smart though and the ability to choose webbing colour can lessen the visual impact. I imagine it may be the same in a convertible and at least each user can simply adjust to ensure a snug fit.
  13. At last a bit of sanity within all the madness......Peter James who were personable and good to talk to and who also didn't ask if it was a 4 door 1967 Vitesse have come up with the goods. Agreed value, unlimited mileage and European breakdown cover without the need to ask for anything that is not included as standard £88.30!!!!!!!! Angie at HQ has faxed the Valuation Certificate through so from 29th I will be insured with Peter James and will also consider putting the " moderns" on with them next year. Morale of the story is dont just automatically renew. Thanks everyone.......and Cookie how do you do those pictures.
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