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  1. We all own and drive older cars and many will have many years of service history with them including details of previous owners, I know mine has. I'm currently changing my daily car and I've been told that I can't leave anything simalar in thr car as it contravine GDPR regs. Anyone else come across this? Andy
  2. Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply. I've ordered trunnion kits and associated bits from the club shop, under £100 delivered. Found the trunnionless kits on Rimmers webpage £414. Andy
  3. thanks for all the replies. I had a look at the components and they are all pretty rusty. I've also checked the cars history 9previous owners kept everything0 and there no trace of any work (beyond lubrication) on the trunnions going back 25 years. I think I'll play it save and get both sides replaced. Andy
  4. Thank you for the reply. The advisory says 'lower suspension component pin or bush' if that helps. Andy
  5. My 1979 Spitfire has recently been MOTed and has an advisory of wear and play in the trunnions. It was suggested that it should be repaired/replaced sooner rather than later. I have a good garage to do the work, but i need to supply the parts. I see repair kits are available but I seem to remember seeing a kit to replace the whole system. Any advice on whats the best? Would like to improve the car if possible. Thank for any advice Andy
  6. Pictures taken at different times. Clearly snow on the ground in some. Also there is a piece of wire visible by one of the spotlights in some. Andy.
  7. My Spitfire had bullet mirrors on the wings when I bought it. Useless, look nice but useless. I've since had flat mirrors on both doors. Huge improvement. Best thing is I can now use slip roads without craning my neck trying to see if anything is behind me. Andy
  8. I \also had a good pension scheme and managed to leave four years early. I remember walking out of the building (slighty the worse for wear) and never looked back. AZndy
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