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  1. Hello Chaps, I've decided the time has come to sort out my Mk3 Spits engine. She has a 1300 Dolomite engine which isn't bad, but I'd like to get her back to the original small journal bearing 1300 engine. I'd also like to fit an overdrive as she doesn't have one. I gather these are starting to get a bit hard to find and so if anyone knows of any going I be very grateful for the info. Any condition as I will overhaul the unit anyway.
  2. Hello Chaps and Chapettes, Does anyone recommend any particular outdoor covers for a Spit? I'd like a good one but there is so many choices, I don't trust that paying a lot of money will guarantee me that won't rip apart when breathed on! Thanks Dave
  3. Thanks Chaps, she only has one white wire to the coil. When I get a minute I'll dig my probe and multimeter out and have a good look at the wiring and let you know the result.
  4. Hello Chaps, I'm Dave and after 10+ plus years of dreaming I finally have my Mk3 Spit! Drove her 240 miles from Leeds to London last week, top down the whole way with many jumpers on. Unfortunately the gear lever bush disintegrated in the M25 traffic which left me speeding off in reverse at several traffic lights, new ones on its way! One question though, she only starts when you release the key from the start position, is this normal? It looks like there's no spark while the engines cranking but once the key releases there shines the blue streak on the spark plug.
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