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  1. Don't you mean "Bird" Bill
  2. You don't happen to be a politician by any chance? After all this is a car forum....... Bill
  3. I wonder if it would work on j........ Never mind.......... Bill
  4. Sounds like a good excuse mr T. Bill
  5. I wish you would tell India and China that NM, most of us are doing our best and they are making a mockery of it sadly...... Bill.
  6. 2500ku-man


    I know the one you mean, hilarious... 😃
  7. The 1500 engine swop is the best option with a lot less proble problems.... Bill.
  8. 2500ku-man


    Cheep cheep cheep Join half the forum...
  9. So do i, they keep telling me that footballers are a bunch of fairies......
  10. And for me please Kevin, getting beyond a joke now.
  11. Time of the month maybe? Bill.
  12. 2500ku-man

    UJ quality

    Could be a grease nipple, looks very similar.....
  13. 2500ku-man

    New PM

    What i cant understand is that the majority vote was leave..... The people have spoken...... What is wrong with the people voted to remoan... sorry remain. The world wont end, food will still be in the shops and as Boris said this morning get immigration sorted on a points system like Australia. Here endeth the sermorn, i am going for a drive as well. Bill.
  14. Or There was a young man from bengal, Who had a triangular ball, The square root of it's weight, was p11 penis plus eight, Plus a half of third of f*ck all. Bill
  15. Unless of course you own a classic Jaguar, no1 is at the back of the engine and on a Stag its on no2. Bill
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