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  1. Thanks Pete, That worked a treat. I used liquid hand soap. Once I had teased the "ears" of the bush to start into the outer column a gentle push with the right sized sockets as drifts and they slid into position without and damage to the bushes or the column. I even remebered to put the inner shaft in place before fitting the top bush which is an amazing feat for me! David
  2. Hi, Just about to fit 2 new standard steering column bushes to MkIV Spitfire. I know they are going to be tight, so what is the best lubricant to use on the outer rubber of the bush to help it in, and then what is best for the inner steering shaft to bush to lubricate it in service? Also, why is "column" such a difficult word to spell? David
  3. I don't disagree Pete....but When I stripped all this down (in order to fit new diff output seals that were leaking) I noted that there was no lower lower rubber mounting, no washer and no spacer fitted on either side. The nut and upper rubber mount were there though (on both sides) I guess the PO didn't think they were necesary! scary! I am waiting for parts to arrive so I don't know if the spacer and washer have holes in them that are large enough to go over the shoulder on the chassis stud, or if they are smaller holes that allow them to go up to the shoulder, and held there by the nut. If it is the latter, I guess the spacer is non functional anyway so it must be the former. I'll find out when the parts arrive I guess. David
  4. Thanks Derek and Pete, I think I will leave it off initially and see how that goes. It's easy enough to fit later if it is indeed needed. David
  5. Hello, Why, on canley's site and perhaps others, do they list part number 134603 as a spacer for just the left hand side front differential mounting? https://www.canleyclassics.com/?catalogue=triumph-spitfire-mkiv/1500&diagram=triumph-spitfire-mkiv/1500-rear-axle-assembly David
  6. I guess stuck needle valve in one of the float chambers. Just a guess though.
  7. Hi Ben, You could always remove the battery and take it home with you. Batteries like to be stored charged and do better if not too cold.
  8. I have a couple of old cars without audio systems so rather than buying many systems I use my smartphone in a windscreen holder connected by bluetooth to a suction mounted "shower" speaker also squished on the windscreen. (£20 on Amazon) All totally portable and also gives handsfree phone calls and satnav. I am on a tariff that has lots of data so as well as playing music stored on my phone, I can play radio through apps like "BBC sounds" Works in the shower too.
  9. Thanks Nick. I had not appreciated that the extensions were not needed if the CV conversion was done. Looking at the car now I see that the reason for Triumph moving the top damper mount to the wheel arch is because the rotoflex coupling is so large it obstructs the chasis mounting holes. Makes a CV conversion slightly more affordable as the extensions are not needed. David
  10. Thanks all, A very nice set of thoughts and advice. I conclude that although I can see the benefits of lower maintenace for the swing spring, it will require a bit of engineering work to fit - not impossible, but it would not be a straight swap. Although I will be unlikely to get the benefit from the (arguably) better handling set-up of the Rotoflex and I will be having to suffer higher maintenace effort it would seem, overall, sensible for me to keep the Rotoflex. All I need to do now is decide if the CV conversion is worth the money. I see Canley don't do it any more but Rimmers still have stock (£ ouch). Also there is the option to change the rear dampers and mount to the chassis rather than the inner wing. Again Rimmers have that for slightly less £ ouch than above. David
  11. Hello, I am a little way of from completing the restoration on my Rotoflex GT6 but I wonder how easy it is to loose the Rotoflex and go back to the swing spring arrangement? This may be easier than you think as I have a spare rear axle set up from a Spitfire 1500 (diff, driveshafts, spring etc). Is it possible? Any advice welcomed. David
  12. Steering wheel nut washer? David
  13. I was hoping it was the prize!
  14. The spring is from a wheel trim (4 on each wheel).
  15. Hello Roger, Yes, the 14W wiper motor. Thanks for the link to SVC. Not heard of them before (and I have owned Triumphs for more than 35 years! Amazing they do all the options in 5 degree steps. So does anyone know what my 130 degree gear is from (might help me sell it on eBay if I know what it fits) David
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