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  1. I have a pair of decent rear light units for sale - no bulb holders though. £15, and postage would be just £3. Phone: 01842819969
  2. In good condition and with only minor splits, Hard to find in this state. Collect near Thetford, or could deliver up to 30 miles for petrol once purchased. More close-up photos available. Richard: 01842-819969
  3. Thanks, will have a go tomorrow, (plus see if I can 'clean' up the grubby 'interior' of the hood!) Richard
  4. Yes, it does 'look' quite ok - but the Seller was honest enough to say I would 'wince' when I first saw it close-up!!! So no complaints, and am now even more looking forward to Spring and warmer weather so as to get stuck with the power sanding, and then careful brushing with my new Hamilton set! Oh to be rich and have a heated garage, although even then that could still up the dust by convection! First thing - apart from getting it actually running - is to work out how to get the plastic side (tilt) panel off the drivers seat side, (which is from a Mazda MX5). I need to slide it back a bit further as I'm too close to the wheel and pedals, and it just 'fouls' the door frame. Even an inch or two would make a good difference' Has anyone taken their hood frame off - if so is it an easy job?, as this one could do with a re-paint and I can do that inside at least. Richard
  5. Yes, low miieage due to ii-health of owner. Lot's and lot's new bits fitted in last two years but little actual use. So am (sort of!!) looking forward to the challenge of a repaint using Rustoleum. Richard. (any other Spitfire Owners nearby in West Norfolk? ie; Weeting area)
  6. Yes Pete, I have seen some lovely Coachpainted work in 'high-end' classic car dealerships over the years. Not kidding myself that I will in any way approach their standards, but will post a shot - probably from 100 yards away! - once done when the weather warms up, Richard
  7. Thanks Tom. Have yet to post a Photo, but will have a bash! I have nothing close-up yet though. Richard
  8. An 'Update' on the situation!! - Bought a 1973 Mk-IV with Overdrive and having had all sorts of new bits and much rather lumpy welding of patches over the years, so thankfully now not much rust to be seen at all!. Had an MOT up to last Summer, but not actually running at the moment, and desperately needing a respray - so am tempted to try a Coachpainting job at a (tiny) fraction of the cost of a respray in 2-pack!.. Have done a lot of machinery and boat painting, and modern paints like Tekaloid - now an improved 'Alkyd' - or Rustoleum offer a chance at quite good levels of finish. That will doubtless make some folks flinch at the idea, but saving easily well over a thousand or fifteen hundred which would leave lots of cash for any mechanical work, and maybe even a hardtop for Winter use if I can find one. Seen several metal ones on ebay in poor nick, but for weight alone would only go for a GRP one. Roll on Spring!, Richard
  9. Many thanks for all those who have sent me messages - most welcome, and I look forward to seeking a good (affordable!!) Spit once New year is passed, Richard
  10. Good afternoon to all! Just joined Forum as am planning to hunt up a decent Spitfire Mk1V - just possibly a '1500' - come the New Year. Have so far in life owned a TR2, TR7 and two FWD models, but as the garage space is now limited it's either a Spitfire or a Midget, but I can't feel comfortable in the latter with my shoulder crammed up against the door!!!! So plan to join the Club if I can find a car I can afford, and hope to meet Members at shows this coming year,. Regards, Richard (West Norfolk)
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