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  1. Hi Guys, Their reply was as follows; 'I think there is a crossmember that gets in the way. You would need to fabricate some sort of frame or box for the runners to fix to, in order to avoid this. I don't actually have first-hand experience of this, but this is the feedback that we have had. Hope this helps.' Would still like the seats as I have lost one of my Spitfire seats and the other requires the frame welding and new foam and cover. Fundamentally need a new seat really! Cheers,
  2. Thanks guys. What I love about this club is everybody wants to help. Really appreciate your input.
  3. Hi Guys, Finally got the dash rewired now trying to refit the steering column to attach the remaining wires from the loom to the column. The first photo is the filler with an elongated hole on the near side, the second photo is the mounting bracket with a pair of holes plus a single hole on the side. Is the filler attached to the mounting bracket using the elongated hole in the filler and the single hole in the bracket or one of the pair? Also in the filler there is a round hole on the face, what goes through there and is it used to attach the filler to the dash? Wish I had written down how it was mounted when I took it apart! Thanks guys,
  4. Thanks. Will not bother then, I never took it out when I ran the car so hopefully I won't have to after the re-wire.
  5. Hi Guys, I am currently connecting the wiring loom to the dash instruments on my Mk3 Spitfire. Does the metal shade which holds the green lens, has to be screwed in, need to be glued to the back of the dash? I get the feeling if I pull the bulb unit out whilst it has the green lens in will break the lens. cheers
  6. Hi Pete, Thanks for the info. not seen that site before, looks interesting. Cheers.
  7. Hi Pete, Got them from Rimmers. All the main dimensions are the same except for the spindle shaft which is about 1 cm shorter. My old ones had seized as they had not been used for 40 years. I tried fitting one of the originals but it was still a problem. Part of the scuttle has been replaced and I suspect the holes for the wipers are not quite in the right place. I have elongated them as far as I dare but I am having to file all sorts off to get them to fit. Getting the tubes to stay in place could be interesting. Cheers.
  8. When a student a had a summer job working alongside an old guy who did his national service in the army. He said that they used Champs to pull tanks out of ditches. Said it was quite easy once you had enough people on board to give grip.
  9. Hi Guys, I am currently trying to fit new wiper wheel boxes to my Spit Mk3. All the diagrams show them with the metal tubing being attached at the bottom. However to fit mine that way round I have had to file loads off the bottom to get them over the heater and also file down a rivet holding the heater casing together. They will go in more easily if they are rotated so that the tubing fits at the (now) top but the tubing needs significant bending to achieve this. Has anybody experienced this problem? Cheers.
  10. Hi guys, Is it possible to fit the outer weatherstrip first and then drop the glass in to the door? (Spit Mk3) Cheers
  11. I have a small black panel held on by these bolts. On Rimmers site Part number 715842 called a retaining bracket.
  12. Hi Peter, The worry I have is getting them correctly lined up. I get the feeling that I could not achieve the necessary accuracy. I reckon it would be cheaper to buy a second hand hood frame than pay a bodywork guy to do it. Cheers
  13. Thanks Clive and Mathew, I will certainly bear you both in mind. I had to replace my windscreen frame due to excessive rust and the only one available was from a later Mk3 with the lever fasteners. Looking at Ebay it would appear cheaper to replace the frame than have the catches converted by cutting and welding in the captive nuts and save the measuring too. Cheers
  14. Hi Guys, Other than the front top fasteners on earlier Mk 3 will a Mk 4 hood/frame fit a Mk3 without modification. I realize that the chrome panel on top of the window frame plus seals are different. Cheers.
  15. Hi Guys, Soaked it in all kinds of release fluids and oil etc but still stuck. Will leave it a little longer but I suspect I will have to break it off. Cheers.
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