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  1. Isn't that 'Harwich for the Continent', with the added graffito 'Frinton for the incontinent'? Hat, coat, door.
  2. This will come as unwelcome news for all those who have nice chrome GB letters riveted to their rear ends...
  3. Well (and I'm tempting fate in saying this) in 27 years of driving the car -including several when she was my daily driver- I have never needed the big red triangle that lives under the boot floor.
  4. That's OK -Bond didn't fit ABS to the Equipe, although it may have been possible to buy Bond-branded Hush Puppies with vibrating soles to achieve the same effect (this story will be confirmed on April 1st)😁. However, they were the first car manufacturer to fit a breakdown warning triangle to their cars...
  5. So can you change to Dot 5 simply by putting it in the reservoir and bleeding it through? I have a dim memory of needing to fit new seals throughout first?
  6. There's enough non-standard on a Bond without changing the accelerator setup 🙂! I still haven't found out what the right cable is, so have put the old one back on and the new 13/60 one which doesn't fit, on the shelf with all the other Herald bits that should fit and don't! Even the Newton Commercial carpets are a bit sketchy fitting into the front footwells, and as for the way tunnel, footwell and rear carpets all overlap (and are not hidden by the front seats, well, I'm off to a DIY shop for an metal extrusion to tidy it all up!
  7. Thanks for the advice; no, it isn't cut, so I'll do as you suggest...
  8. I've got all the Newton Commercial carpets fitted except the one for the driver's footwell. How have folks fitted the accelerator pedal? I have spotted Tippex through the bolt holes onto the underside of the carpet and was intending to have the bracket on top of the carpet, with the bolts going through & into the floorpan. Or should I cut around the bracket? I don't really want another unbound hole in the carpet -the handbrake aperture is bad enough!
  9. Guy tells me they may well be Bond's own panels. I have bitten the bullet, made up a template, removed staples where necessary and cut the hardbaord/foam backing. Just waiting on a staple gun and 4mm staples so I can finish the job. Fortunately all the adjusted parts will be hidden by the rear seat/cappings, but it all looks promising so far...
  10. If you really want to go left field, there's the really quite rare convertible 2-litre Bond Equipe, which combines the heavy steering of a Vitesse with a front end that goes light at speed, fibreglass bodywork that looks perfect but hides swathes of terminal rust and such a low public profile that wherever you park Joe Public feels impelled to ask 'Worrisitmate?', thereby starting a ten minute conversation, come rain or shine. Oh, and such low resale values that any money you put into restoration might as well be burnt. Don't ask me how I know all this 😄
  11. A bit like the Bond Minicars, then: in order to get reverse gear using a 2-stroke motorcycle engine and gearbox, Bond fitted a neat modification to the points, so the engine fired after TDC. Reversing polarity to the starter motor meant it was cranked over backwards and, because of the way 2-strokes work, the engine ran 'backwards'. This technically allowed the driver to select all three(?) gears when going backwards -although quite why you would want to drive a 3-wheeler backwards (with rear wheel steering!) at 50+mph defies rational explanation.
  12. Before gap years were invented I had a gap year job in a warehouse. One of the forklift drivers used to drive round with his foot outside the cab/cage. Can't remember his name...but we knew him as Nine Toes 😲.
  13. My brother's friend had one in the late '70's. Had to be started on petrol but once running, yes, would run on paraffin...
  14. They are Bond's own; I think they were based on GT6 frames, but reworked.
  15. The 'ground' (underlying wood) is mahogany, with walnut, or black walnut as the veneer. I removed the brittle lacquer, but it took some of the veneer with it, so I filled the missing parts and used iron-on veneer, which gives an instant tack. Then coat upon coat of Rustin's Plasticote. I also did the dashboard; photos show after and before (posted them in the wrong order!).
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