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  1. A good task to tackle, as it is straightforward (have you got a Haynes manual? If not, I'd recommend getting one); it's just like big Meccano: nuts and bolts and springs. And really satisfying when you have completed it: it transforms the gear linkage!
  2. Blue Spit spotted heading south on the A4069 Llangadog to Brynaman this afternoon. I was there with a D of E group when you were driving the twisties. I hope you enjoyed it!
  3. A vote for Newton Commercials from me, too. They will also provide moulded sets in non-standard colours...😁
  4. As Head of Year I once (accidentally) put together a Form at school that had five boys (out of twenty four) with the first name Daniel. Their solution: Daniel, Danny, Dan, D and Dids. I was also very pleased to put two boys with the surnames Duane and Eddy into the same Form and, on another occasion, Ireland and Israel.
  5. Prince Charles: My Aston Martin runs on wine and cheese - BBC News
  6. OK, it looks like I might give it a go, as I have a couple of seal sets in the drawer. I may not split the caliper, though: it sounds like 'here there be dragons' territory, like fully reconning a gearbox or rear pinion set. I just hope everything isn't seized -but suspect it will be 😒.
  7. Having had very little use in the past couple of years, the offside front (Type 14) caliper of the Bond is binding, and thinking that a bit of heat might help free it, I went for a drive. This resulted in brake fade, a lot of heat, and a blued disc. Not my wisest decision, in hindsight. I have already replaced the brake fluid and believe it sensible to replace the discs as a pair, too. Which leaves the calipers: one working, one partially seized. I am not keen on 'only' fitting new seals, so the alternatives seem to replace them as a pair, either with new, or reconditioned, units. Given the relatively slim difference in cost (about £10 apiece at Paddocks), are there any benefits in taking the cheaper option? I am well aware of shoddy pattern parts and that re-worked Triumph parts might be better quality, but is this true in this case? Finally, how easy is it to fit new discs and calipers? My only attempt at fitting new pads proved to be a real struggle, but perhaps new, uncorroded parts will be more straightforward. Given the heat generated (and the fact that I have some NOS ones) I intend to fit new bearings, too. I would regard myself as a competent mechanic: clutch changes, cylinder heads off & valves replaced, etc. in the past.
  8. I was going to replace mine, but didn't in the end. I thought about using greyboard, which looks similar. I rather like Peter's suggestion of using PVA to reinforce it. Equally, you could glue two thinner pieces together as you fix it in place, effectively creating a laminate. The thickness of greyboard is usually measured in microns, i.e. 1000 = 1mm, so 750 - 1500 might be about right.
  9. I'm not sure that day will come too soon. I read a book titled 'The Shock of the Old' a few years back that showed how old technology lasted well into eras of new technology that supposedly replaced it: so the Midland Railway owned more horses than lorries in the 1930's, we still sent letters after telegrams came along, still have things printed on paper despite the internet & smartphones, etc. Our children or grandchildren might not run petrol cars but we shall be able to for quite some time yet...
  10. A. Same as Mallory said of Everest, I suppose: because it's there... B. So we can carry on running our cars come the day when, as was once the case, you can only buy petrol from a pharmacy
  11. Someone near me (in Watford, I think) converted a GT4S to battery power in the 1970's/80's, so maybe you could do the conversion and still have the car considered historic 🤣! He used lead/acid batteries as that was all there was at the time: the car got some press coverage, but I can't find anything online. I saw it occasionally when going to work, but by then it was running a 1500 Spit engine. Ahead of its time? Maybe.
  12. Does that mean that if I have a little toot I can claim to be tuning up? Apologies to those trying to have an adult conversation about 3-phase electricity, while those of us whom a colleague once referred to as the belchers and farters are messing about in the back row...
  13. The language no longer incomprehensible: Duolingo is my friend!
  14. I was probably being over-sensitive; but thank you.
  15. In what way? It was historically an independent nation before being conquered, has its own language, church, national teams...
  16. I'm not sure there will be many offers, I'm afraid -and those that do exist will be cut from scrap cars and may be no better than your existing header rail. In the past, Bond (and no doubt Triumph) owners have made small welded repairs to each hole in the windscreen frame and then ground to whole lot flat. I would be surprised if you didn't find more corrosion when/if you remove the screen: Bond removed the Triumph rust proofing from the bulkheads before adding their unique windscreen pillars -and didn't replace it afterwards. I bought a ten-year old Equipe in 1980 and it was as rotten as a pear...
  17. Ha! It's obviously a scam, because he has a Bond Equipe listed for £1717, too. The listing says 'Nothing wrong with it, everything works as it should, which every Bond owner knows is a technical impossibility 😂.
  18. Who would have thought it? Kiss have been using moisturiser...
  19. I was once given the Welsh equivalent of that sticker by an ancient garage owner in Brynamman: 'Mae gen i teigr yn y tanc'! I stuck it on the back of the minibus I was driving and it is only now (having taken up learning Welsh in Lockdown 3) that I fully understand what it said...or (more precisely) how it said it. Happy days/Dyddau'n hapus
  20. Isn't that 'Harwich for the Continent', with the added graffito 'Frinton for the incontinent'? Hat, coat, door.
  21. This will come as unwelcome news for all those who have nice chrome GB letters riveted to their rear ends...
  22. Well (and I'm tempting fate in saying this) in 27 years of driving the car -including several when she was my daily driver- I have never needed the big red triangle that lives under the boot floor.
  23. That's OK -Bond didn't fit ABS to the Equipe, although it may have been possible to buy Bond-branded Hush Puppies with vibrating soles to achieve the same effect (this story will be confirmed on April 1st)😁. However, they were the first car manufacturer to fit a breakdown warning triangle to their cars...
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