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  1. I've just picked up this thread -I'm glad everything is fixed and you are enjoying the car! Some of the earlier posts remind me of the old adage of 'before you make it go, you need to make it stop', i.e. improve the brakes before you improve the engine. I had a braided hose fail a number of years ago: I think they are PTFE tube under the stainless, and I thought they were 'fit and forget'. Apparently not! I replaced them (with more braided...) but read somewhere that in NZ braided hoses have to be replaced every seven-years...
  2. Finally got the shocks fitted yesterday, along with new rear spring bushes; the mechanic was swearing as he needed to use heat to burn out the old bushes, and remove a seized bolt, on a near-30 degree day. Took cold beer as a peace offering!
  3. Both dampers have been returned, serviced/repaired/replaced FOC, with red polybush inserts fitted. Old-fashioned service, with no fuss and no show. I am very impressed!
  4. Hoses gone soft and pinching closed when hot & at high revs?
  5. I contacted Avo and they want to see/refurb the shocks. They have only done 7000 miles...
  6. Having posted that I'd found a broken Gaz shock absorber on my GT4S, on going through my receipts (and checked the car) I've found it was an Avo shock that has fractured where the lower eye is welded on. I thought it was worth putting the record straight.
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