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    GT6 MKII, Spitfire 4, & MKIV


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    1967 Spitfire 4, 1969 GT6 MKII, 1973 Spitfire MKIV (1500), Spitfire Rally Car - Project.

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  1. Greta

    Spare Wheel !

    Could you take a picture & forward please.
  2. Looking for old style steel wheels. I think they were oem on late MKIII Spitfires, and Vitesses ... 1" wider than stock wheels on early Spitfires & Heralds. Happy to consider buying set or singles etc.. Please pm me of answer here.
  3. Join the tent pole brigade... I ended up striping the whole caboodle out ( saves a lot of weight & lowers the centre of gravity ) Like you I started to fiddle but once Zebedee jumped ship there didn't seem to be an easy way back! I live with an ultra light 1/2 tent pole permanently at hand. .... but I must admit I do look longingly at gas bonnet struts and wonder if anyone will ever get round to doing a kit for the GT6 Tailgate
  4. Remember, most suppliers are merely retailers. The true responsibility lies with the buyers of Rimmers, Moss, Fitchetts, Paddocks, Ang, Sc etc to refuse to sell products that are not fit for purpose. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy, demanding "cheap" parts - if we shout too loud for this ... this is what we get. And if we shun quality reproduction parts because they are too expensive then the market contracts to only include those that have little interest in ensuring accurate tolerances & durable materials / construction. When we can again gather for trade shows - perhaps the club could host a forum / Q&A with the above Co's buyers ( not sales reps ) so Quality Control & Reliability can be discussed. With the number of our cars still on the road, collective action must surely have a chance of bringing some market forces to bare!
  5. Greta

    Spare Wheel !

    Might your 4.5J Vitesse wheels be from a 1600 ??
  6. Thanks everyone. With Luck you should now be able to see my bonnet & headlights - thanks for the prompt as to where the problem might be. Thanks also for the link to Halogenized Lucas Unsealed 700's !!! - that looks as if it may well work at an affordable price Is there something similar ref 5 3/4 ?
  7. Ok scrolled through the last several years of posts re Lights & not yet found the answer I'm looking for ... so here goes with another round of a topic that's already been done to death. Sealed Beam to Halogen Conversions - Please no refs to LEDs My existing sealed beams in both 7" & 5 .75" have an appealing domed lens and are in a matching "period" style - Can anyone recommend replacement halogen headlamps that have domed or curved glass lenses in a style available in both 5.75 AND 7"? So many halogen replacements have flat ( too modern ) lenses or suppliers have different patterns in the glass lenses for the two different sizes. My 7" need to dip but don't need side lamps, & I want to use my 5.75" for main beam only. Links & pics most welcome. Ta
  8. Greta

    Spare Wheel !

    Hi Forum - my first post & not sure whether "wheels" belong in Suspension or Drive Train Topic areas so posting here in General! . Spare Wheels: - If like me you've owned a few Triumphs over the years you've probably got a corner stack in your garage or shed with odd wheels. You know, that 3.5J Steel wheel that you discovered was the spare in the car you bought with Minilites! That set that came off when you thought wire wheels was a good idea. There must be hundreds of partial sets kicking around. Well, while tidying up and sorting through ( OMG some of my tyres are way too old ) I thought it would be fun to have a wheel mating service. Tinder for wheels - perhaps we could call it " Roller" " "Single wide slot, looking to meet others to make a foursome" ( early 3.5J .... before your imagination runs amok ) ... that sort of thing. Why not dig deep beneath the spares and give that sad & lonely roller some much needed company! Greta
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