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  1. Yeah no worries there DanMi Iv got a hole new dash going in with a spitfire speedo, MG might rev clock and a smiths oil/water temperature gauge.
  2. Hello all not sure if I’m in right place or I can ask for stuff on here. I’m after a Vitesse 2 litre non overdrive prob shaft if anyone can help me out. Many thanks
  3. Ok brilliant thanks for the help. Iv have a 1500 diff too that I’m going to put in with the 1500 engine and box so hopefully I don’t have to change the gearing.
  4. It’s just the standard spitfire 1500 gearbox no overdirve as far as I know
  5. Hello all looking for help I have a 1200 herald and I’m doing a engine swap to a 1500. I have a spitfire engine, gearbox, diff and two spitfire prop shafts for the flanges. Someone told me I needed a vitesse 2 litre non overdrive prob shaft to fit. Is this right or can I get away with something els? many thanks
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