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  1. Mine did it until I fitted the spring. Much better now
  2. Thanks pete. Looks nice but means bugger all to me 🤪😂
  3. Following from my receipt post I going to order new jets and needles. According to SU web site my Spit4 should have a AUD 983 carb with a 9104 jet and a AN standard needle. However I have an AUD 285 ( listed as USA Mrk 3 not UK ). The jet assembly is however the same AUD 9104 but with a DD Needle. Anyone know of any major differences? And should I still use a AN or DD needle? I’m guessing AN due to my smaller CC engine? thanks Grant
  4. Thanks. So LED compatible ones just check it will take the amps of standard bulbs. Grant
  5. Blitz

    Vitesse Rev limit

    Stop making us little guys jealous. I can’t get that down hill with a tail wind 🤪
  6. Just a quick question as my indicators work but I get a very poor or no tick tock from the flasher unit. Is there only one flasher unit controlling front and rear. Ie the one under dash area ? ok another question 😂 I’m I right in saying I can use a LED compatible unit with my current standard bulbs. Thinking of upgrading to LED bulbs at a later date. Thanks Grant
  7. Can anyone tell me what the standard size carb needle is for the SU carbs ? also is the above what people still recommend or is another size considered better. Ps iv no idea what me current ones are 🙄 thanks Grant
  8. As an electrical noob has you give some more details please. Ie product links and what amp fuse to use? Edit top pic of fuse didn’t load up but can see it now. Thanks
  9. Not to mention if you start adding postage 😭
  10. Mine was MOT last year but I haven't this year. The reason being iv had work done by a qualified mechanic who specialises in classics. He's done a good check over and I have recepts to prove it. If I had done the work my self then I would MOT the car.
  11. Thanks mate. Yes electrics are not my forte and poor instructions wasn’t the word I was hoping for. Think the forum should do some how too guides. Some other forums I’m in are excellent at doing them. Really help.
  12. Was it an easy install? After limping my car home the other week I though one could be useful 😂
  13. Blitz

    Spit4 oil filter

    Want to clarify what oil filter to use. Is the original filter a Spin on type ie GFE150? The Spitfire therefore doesn’t need a spin off conversation? first oil change for me so apologies for the simple question. Thanks
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