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  1. I like the panting description! 🐶
  2. Ok. I’m going with dry. I think the old one wasn’t tight enough. I’ve bought stubby spanners and long sockets to get in there. Thanks!
  3. I had some flooring left over, rather fetching I think. The bed is me size! The engine seems good. Starts well on the choke. luckily these engines were used in a ‘Ute’ popular in Australia. So parts are available.
  4. A passing neighbour donated them!
  5. Actually on closer inspection the replacement part looks like its metal sandwich and the old one is just some cardboard type material. Also the magnifier on iphone is really good!
  6. The fixing up is going very well! (not fitted the distributor yet... MX5 leather seats and all sorts of poshness though! But I have a blown manifold gasket. I've found a replacement on ebay. Would you put any sealant on it or just fit it dry? I'm a little concerned that the last one doesn't look very old and it might blow its end off again (see pictures).
  7. Looks like we have a winner!
  8. I had no idea. That's good to know!
  9. The van does have a tow bar. I thought that was optimistic!
  10. What's the worse that can happen!!
  11. If it's this then i guess it's just a matter of which is which!
  12. I'm enjoying the carpentry. Missing the simplicity of the vitesse though. There is a guy in the owners club that recommended that dizzy. He can't remember what he did though. I'll try and get more info.
  13. Sorry terrible access
  14. Yes. Just one wire going into the loom
  15. It's a wonderful ebay special. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/264648898859
  16. I only went and did it! I think i've done ok. It was running ok, just a little underpowered. After a 150 mile trip back down south everything is running lovely! Italian tune up does it again! I've bought an electronic distributer as I couldn't get hold of any caps rotors or points. It's come with a plug on though so i'm confused on how to fit it. The interior is coming on lovely though! Hopefully get some camping in this summer (if it ever arrives)
  17. Yeah. Exactly. I know a guy that is importing Peugeot J7/J9 vans and selling them as catering vans. ££££££££££
  18. I put a £4500 bid in and was outbid. The MOT history was really good. looks like a restoration in 2010 and sailed through every MOT after that. Goes to show MOT's are probably more important than ever with the history being accessible by anyone.
  19. I've decided to avoid anything without a good MOT and i'm looking at MOT history too. It's a wonderful thing to be able to do!
  20. Glad I was outbid now!
  21. There’s also this one. Looks very nice. it’ll probably go for too much though https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274773567781
  22. I’m going to have to! There’s nothing in it
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