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  1. Hello Roger, Many thanks for your very helpful reply. The photo confirms my suspicion and I will be ordering a new spring. I do have an aftermarket exhaust that splits into two from the non-standard manifold with no obvious way to raise its height. The standard exhaust has two brackets to suspend it before the back box, but mine is not in the right place for this. The previous owner towed a trailer with the car and was not of the lightest disposition; this may well have caused the sag. Thanks to all the contributors for such good advice. By the way my top wheel arch is just about level with the tyre top. Lorna
  2. I seem to have a slightly droopy rear-end on my 1500 Spitfire. I checked the measurement to top of hard top and its an inch down. This results in the exhaust scraping the odd speed bump. My question is simple. Rimmers sell one for around £50, whereas a company in the midlands offer a British-made spring for a much heftier £110 or so. Rimmers used to do a higher spec item but no longer offer it. Which one to go for? I don't like inferior parts, and, of course the Rimmer option may be also be British-made (and by implication, just as good). Help please! Lorna
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