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  1. I am reassembling the rear hub of my Spitfire, but for the life of me I can’t find the torque value for the four bolts which fastens the seal housing, brake backplate, etc to the trunnion. Number 21 in the diagram. Does anyone know?
  2. @PeterH I was thinking that same thing, mine's MOT is up in July. The way I understand it, ALL cars 40 year old are exempt, but then it also says you have to declare it meets the rules each time your “road tax” needs renewal – That is not until next April. To be on the safe side maybe I do one last MOT. I believe if your car is original spec, an inspection is NOT required. Would be interesting to hear the outcome of that DVLA email https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mot-changes-20-may-2018
  3. @68vitesse thanks for the advice, I was about put in the outer seal the wrong way as well. Think I got it now.
  4. @Pete Lewis From what you are saying, and from what I understand rearing the manual, the seals go in "backwards" to the normal way of doing. In other words, compared to the image below, the oil side and air side is reversed.
  5. @Pete Lewis True and good advice. True, the seal seems fine, but I had new ones and thought I gone so far, I might as well use them. My washers were bit sad, seen a new trunnion kit is £7, I will replace those as well - big mistake. I order 3 different once from 3 different suppliers and they are wrong in 3 different ways. Finally got a set of superpro from MossBors which is a different washerless design, but not pretending to be something they are not, that seems it will do the job.
  6. Does anybody have any experience with Powertune branded parts? Bought a rear hub trunnion bushing repair kit from a reputable supplier. Compared it with the old set, and everything is off by about 1-2 mm. The inner steel tube sits very lose in the blue bushing. Don’t think you should see light shining through, not really filling me with confidence. Also bought some Powertune bearings, decided to google that – most links screams avoid. (https://www.google.com/search?q=powertune+bearings
  7. Thank you for the advice. Got my hands on a professionally made puller, don't trust my welding - a bit rusty. Put it on, wind it up and the hub was off in under an hour.
  8. Decided to replace the bearing on my spitfire which I thought was the source of the noise emanating from the left rear wheel. Thinking this a one-day jobby, got myself a universal hub puller (mistake); start to puller, hammer and heating it up with a flame - no joy. At some point I realised; I don’t hear the noise anymore when turning, why? This is after dismantling everything including the brakes. So I decided to inspect the brake part where I discover it is missing the cylinder retaining plate and the cylinder has a scratch mark just there where the back of the wheel stubs passes. At which time it dawned on me that this is probably the source of the noise. I could kick myself. I wish I could say I just order this £3 retaining plate, reassemble everything and it is job done. No. Because I used a flame to heat up the hub I probably cooked the oil seal which needs to be replaced now, and to do that ….. I need to pull off the hub - back to square one. Still don’t have the hub off; any advise welcome. What I really need now is to lay my hands on a proper hub puller - does anybody have one I can hire for a day? I live in Beckenham (BR3)
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