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  1. they found the commission number for me by engine number body number, and supplied photos. it took them longer but they found the commission number (this was a GT6 don't know if a TR7 is the same.
  2. many thanks will see what comes back
  3. hi all I need to do a hpi check on my gt6, it has no v5c but I know the commission number just need to know how it is recorded on the v5c. my number is recoded on the heritage certificate as KE/2***-o but unsure if the o for overdrive is recorded as well as the / and - need to see if its been registered here before contacting dvla. many thanks Dan
  4. its listed in this colour chart as 19 pure white and most of the other charts its listed as pure white, my gt6 has been painted before so will have to try and do a colour match to double check its been painted in the original colour.
  5. sorry to drag this up from the past but that's the first time I have seen it as new white not pure white, just received my heritage certificate back and it says new white so was a bit confused when I kept seeing it referred to as pure white. oh its a "71 gt6 btw is there a modern paint reference number (RAL number)? cheers Dan
  6. im hoping not as that may (or may not) confuse things, I was told it has come from the Isle of Man and been sat in the uk for a while
  7. cheers for the replies will try and put some photos on during the week, hopefully it will be within my IT grasp.
  8. hello all, been sitting in the background observing things for a while getting a feel of the forum and I like what I see! I have recently bought a imported gt6 mk111 which I have got running and moving (needs a brake master cylinder). jobs I am going to be doing next is cleaning out and sealing fuel tank, replacing fuel pipe and master cylinder/brake pipes I have just received a heritage certificate and all the numbers match it (original engine that runs sweet with 50k on it) the next problem I am going to have is that it has been imported but there is no paperwork with it so to register it in the uk I might need the help of the club if they do car inspections? im used to rebuilding land rovers so this is a touch out of my comfort zone, I need to jack it up to get underneath it! and please be gentle with me!
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