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  1. Well the old rev counter was beyond what I was capable of repairing, but a replacement unit (from a Spitfire of the same period), is working just fine.
  2. I definitely believe the spring is the issue. After re-assembling and a little manual testing, I found the needle returns to the bump stop at a different rate if the gauge is upside down. Seems, at least in part the needle is currently returning under gravity not because of the spring.
  3. Seems like a prudent next step is to try another tacho. There is one local to me on eBay at the moment so that maybe worth a go.
  4. The rim and glass is off and the mechanism is out. It is surprising 'pristine' though so I am not sure what I should be trying to clean?
  5. There was the bulb holder and also a couple of (earth) wires on the stirrup bolts, nothing on the actual tacho though
  6. I'm through the pulling and cursing and in the strong tea phase. Now have to fight to get it apart!
  7. Well there is definitely a cable running from the distributor to the rev counter and it appears to be turning freely. The issue I now have is the rev counter appears to have been stuck into the dash using mastic (same with the speedo). I have removed the two stirrup brackets but the rev counter will not pull free. I guess the whole dash is coming out, it was on my list to refinish, just not yet!
  8. Sorry for the slow response folks, I have been working in Bristol today so had a near 400mile round trip commute. I will pull the rev counter in the next day or so and take a look. At the moment the cable looks fairly new, and is tightly screwed into the distributor but I haven't checked the dash end at all.
  9. That, at least, is correct on the face.....nothing to say the 'inner-eds' haven't been changed though!
  10. Unfortunately it has been like this since I got the car, so I don,t have history of when it started to act up. Although the issues I have had since I got the car last year (everything from bushes missing in the remote gear selector, through a gearbox with no oil, and perished seals in the brake master cylinder so that the fluid that had been added to sell the car leaked out on the first trip), mean I would not discount anything 'stupid'.
  11. Hi folks, I have an 1971 MkII Vitesse with a mechanical rev counter which seems to read roughly double the expected value. It returns to zero when the engine isn't running but reads just under 2000 on tick-over and right across the range is around double the value for the gear/speed. I am assuming the issue must be in the gauge itself (rather than the distributor/cable) as it seems very consistent, but has anyone any suggestions to check before I try and get a replacement?
  12. The Armiittage A-frame works on exactly the same basis as the Car-A-Tow that I am getting. A sub-frame gets bolted to the chassis which terminates either in a bar, or in the case of the one I am looking at in two eye-bolts, which attach to the A-frame using a hitch pin. The A-frame includes a surge brake, ie a section that gets depressed as the car starts to over run the tow vehicle, as the surge brake engages it pulls a cable that is attached to the brake pedal, depressing it.As the tow vehicle pulls away the surge brake expands releasing the brake pedal.
  13. If I need to go the route to disconnect the prop shaft there is a nice quick disconnect sold by Superior Driveline, that uses a cable operated disconnect. (There is a video here if you want to watch, At the pull of a lever the tail section is disconnected from the front. I am trying to avoid this as they are engineered for large pick-ups and simply much larger than needed for the Vitesse.
  14. We will be towing with all wheels on the ground Pete and using an inertia device to depress the cars own brakes, much likes the brakes found on a caravan. Rather than risking the gearbox going dry, we will be adding an electric oil pump to pick up from the gearbox drain and return to the fill rust to stop the bearings running dry. In the US there is a kit to do this from Remco, but I am wondering if anyone has built something similar from parts available over here?
  15. Well it took a few months but we finally found a MkII Vitesse with overdrive. The A-frame is in hand but now I am looking at a way to re-circulate the gearbox oil when it is being towed. In the US you can get an electric oiler, but has anyone heard of anything similar to fit a Vitesse overdrive gearbox?
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