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  1. Hello all, I need to store my two spitfires while we move house. Does anyone have experience of storage facilities in the Derby, Nottingham, Leicester area? Both good and bad? A review of the internet shows everything from shipping containers to fully dehumidifed sheds with options to trickle charge the battery, run the car frequently etc etc. To some extent the shipping container option may be better as I can lock the door and have access to them at all times. Thanks, Jeff
  2. Hello, On my 1500 Spitfire the rubber cooling pipe from the intent manifold t piece to the block has melted where it is next to the exhaust manifold. The manifold was changed several years ago to a Bell 4 into 2 s/s one to match the Bell exhaust system - the clearance between the pipe and manifold seems to be same as he cast version but I guess the heat transfer is higher with the s/s manifold. It doesn’t seem to be touching the manifold but has a burnt/melted section around the size of a 1p coin which then failed under pressure. Has anyone else had this issue and has anyone found a solution - making a heat shield or wrapping the pipe in insultating tape? Thanks, Jeff
  3. Hello, i have seized oil drain plugs on the engine and diff and the oil fill plug on the gearbox. The car is a 1971 1300 Spitfire that hasn’t run for 22 years. It is now running and I want to change the diff and gearbox oil. The engine has been solved by a vacuum pump through the dip stick tube but I am stuck with the diff and gearbox. I have been using a 7/16” spanner and a hammer along with plus gas but no effect so far. I have also tried a bit of heat from a blow torch. I have been looking for 8 point sockets but cannot find the right size in the uk. Can anyone advise how best to loosen the plug. Does anyone have experience with one of the universal sockets? thanks, Jeff.
  4. Update - I have stripped everything down but can’t get the head off. All of the studs on the push rod side have come out but I cannot get the studs to move on the manifold side. I have tapped the head in all directions but no movement at all. I have also tried to remove the studs on the manifold side with no success so I am assuming they are corroded and locked onto the head. So far they have been soaking in WD40 but looking on the forum this might not be the best stuff to use. So am I missing something or is just a case of being patient? thanks
  5. Thanks for the replies. Not really bad news! - at least I now have some idea of what I will find when I take the head off.
  6. Hi all, First post on the forum. I have a 1978 spitfire 1500 that I have owned for 28 years which has been the subject of a rolling restoration over many years. The subject of this post is a 1971 Spitfire Mk IV which hasn’t run for 20 odd years. I have spent several months rebuilding the fuel system - pump, carburettors etc which were full of old dried fuel and seized. Having fixed this - and with the engine turning freely - I was then looking to see what else was required before it could be started. However, further inspection of the engine has revealed bent push rods and the inlet valves for cylinders 2 and 3 locked in the open position. I am guessing that the stuck valves are bent. Therefore, before I remove the cylinder head for further investigation, can anyone tell me if the pistons hit the valves? Is it worth removing the head with the engine in the car or is a larger engine rebuild needed so I might as well just take it out? thanks, Jeff
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