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  1. Hello folks I'm in the process of refitting a dashboard to a GT6 MK1. Struggling to understand how the centre section secures. I see the two screws on the front face at the top, but how is the lower section secured? Checking the factory diagrams doesn't help. Does anyone have a photo? regards James
  2. One more for recommending the gas struts. As Arkwright Open All Hours said, you need to 'jiggle' it a bit to free the bonnet from the cones, but much easy to lift and safer when the wind blows. They have been on my car for around 20 years now and came from a Metro.
  3. During this time of lockdown, I have been checking my Spitfire for any niggles I just haven't had the time or energy to look at before. They are not all fixed but one i'm really pleased with and might be of interest to fellow spitfire owners is the tyre pressure label. My dads Spitfire had one of these labels but covered in layers of paint when he restored his MKIV in the 1980's, and we never found any replacements. Replacements are not available and cost of having one screen printed is around £200. What next? Well, I designed a template using font as close to the original as possible, found someone on the great ebay who could print onto thin aluminium business cards. In this way it has same appearance as the original, not a printed vinyl sticker. Original is slightly shorter than a standard card, so I had to carefully trim off the excess. I don't have the memory of an elephant and no longer need to go in search of the tyre pressures, its now on a label on the drivers door shut. Photos below show, an original, then my attempt.
  4. http://www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/history/former-triumph-standard-staff-appeal-12585301 Article on Triumph with a few interesting photos in todays Coventry Telegraph Enjoy regards James
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