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  1. Nice to have access to a Aqua blaster
  2. Hi Pete. Thanks for offer. I've managed to source 1 now. Cheers Nick
  3. Hi all. Mine has a nasty crack in it. So looking for another. Not having much luck. Anybody got any pointers. Have tried usual suppliers. Cheers Nick
  4. Thanks Pete. A few things to check there. Will let you know how I get on. Just 1 other thing. The amount of tangs on the back plate is different on different websites. 1 has 12 and another has 15. Does this make a difference?. Seems strange to me Anyway Thanks again. Nick
  5. Cheers for that guys. Pete. I started to have problem getting reverse a little while ago. Then getting 1st to 2nd was a bugger!. Was having to push pedal thru floor. I've changed master and slave cylinders, bled the hell out of it!. New oil. Was better for a while but still difficult getting gears. Feels like it's not disengaging enough. Thought about extending push rod?. So put some nuts behind slave to bring out a bit. Just the same. So think clutch u/s. Anything else I can try?. Cheers Nick
  6. Hi Thanks for replies. Have seen both of these. Is the Canley set Borg and Beck, if not are they any good?. They are half the price of Rimmers and the set on here. Dont want to be having to do it again in a year. Dont mind paying the extra if its worth it. Got a guy whos gonna do job for me as my back is not up to it anymore. Hes advised to get a Borg and Beck set. Cheers Nick
  7. Hi. Can anyone guide me to the correct cluych for my 1970 Mk2 vitesse. It has an overdrive. Some sites say it makes a difference some not. Tried Rimmers/Mev spares/Canleys all different prices and different codes Cheers Nick
  8. NickT

    Rough running

    Hi. Just checked in dizzy. The module was all good, but the advance rod had managed to unhook itself from the plate. Been for test run and all fine and dandy again. Thanks for the heads up Paul. Had no issues with this set up till now. will see how it goes. Cheers again till next time Nick
  9. NickT

    Rough running

    Hi Paul. Thanks for that i,ll check that out and let you know. Didn't think to check in cap as its brand new set up. Cheers Nick.
  10. NickT

    Rough running

    Hi all. My Mk2 Vitesse has suddenly started to misfire at around 2-3k revs when under load. when ticking over it sounds fine. Its now running Accuspark dizzy,coil and leads with new plugs. has been running really well up to last week.Timing seems spot on, ive now changed the diaphrams in both stroms. pulling the choke out seemed to make it worse and stalled it. It does seem to feel like a fuel issue. Any info or ideas will be appreciated. Bit of a pain as i use her everyday for work. Cheers Nick
  11. NickT

    Crotch cooler

    Yeah right site. This is open to anyone. Thanks for including that link. Thought I'd take my vitesse along. Remember talking to someone about meeting up at about 1 for the drive up is all. Just wanted to see if anyone knew Cheers Nick
  12. NickT

    Crotch cooler

    Hi all Is anyone from the Farehan area going to this on Sunday the 4th. If so where and what time is the meet in fareham to drive up to Alton on Sunday?. Cheers Nick
  13. Hi all. Does anyone know if these are still available for a Mk2 Vitesse. Is there anywhere to get reconditioned ones. Think the pins on the shoes are pulling through the holes. Cheers Nick
  14. Hi Pete. The flange was ok. I had a look at it as they were doing the work. Didn't know they'd done it like this till I got it back. Just thought it strange. They're not the sharpest tools in the box! I'm afraid. I'm a precision engineer by trade so a bit picky sometimes. Gonna see what they say tomorrow. Cheers for info guys. Nick
  15. Thought it looked wrong. They've ground the uprights off. Guess I'll have to paint that edge then!. Cheers Nick
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