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  1. I should have said that proceedings were held up by a problem obtaining parts, in particular cam bearings. Suppliers told me this was due to both Brexit and Covid, but all I know is that it delayed the engine build by a couple of months. So I spent the time stripping the engine bay, rear of the underside of the van and the rear wheel tubs of underseal, mud, oil and rust. Oh, and there was a little bit of paint to take off as well 🙄 I thought stripping the front inner arches was a nasty job, but this was much worse. As you can see, a filthy job ☹ To do this properly I had to remove the gea
  2. The cylinder heads go on next, these clamp the barrels down to the crankcase and rather than use head gaskets, you have to lap the barrels into the heads using grinding paste. See, told you this engine is weird. That thing sticking up at the top is the oil cooler.
  3. Once the case is together and the crank spins nicely you fit the pistons, rods and cylinder barrels. Although the barrels and pistons look used, they've only covered about 100 miles from new (long story which I won't go into here....)
  4. If you think Triumph (or any other British) engines leak oil, air cooled VW take things to a whole new level. It took many unpleasant hours to clean the gunk of baked on grotty oil from pretty much every external surface. These engines are a bit weird - there's no other way of describing them really. They are not particularly difficult to work on, but you do need techniques which you won't use on more conventional engines, and these techniques took me at least seven or eight dry runs of assembly to get right. Basically the crankcase is split down the middle, clamping the crank, cam and
  5. So what next? Well, dark cold nights and further lock down meant that moving onto the engine seemed logical. I spent New Years Eve of 2020/2021 removing the engine from my van. I know how to party!! 🥳 Strip down was fairly easy, although I did find that one of the heads was cracked around a plug hole, not uncommon by any means on this engine.
  6. The front wheel tubs were stripped (what a horrible job), primed, stone chipped and brush painted with top coat. It all looks lovely, shame it'll be covered in mud within 50 miles 🙄 Whilst the front beam was down I removed the brake calipers to overhaul them. Following two stripped bleed nipples (there are two per caliper on these) and on finding out that these particular calipers were only fitted to the VW T2 van between July 1971 and May '72, and so seals were nigh on impossible to find, I decided the only really safe way ahead was to convert to later type calipers. This meant buying br
  7. You'd think with the paint done my days of welding were over. Oh no! There was more rust in store. As autumn came around it was time to drop the front axle to enable me to paint the inner arches properly. On air cooled VWs the front axle (refered to as the front beam) contains the torsion springs, steering arms and is what the front shock absorbers bolt to. So it clearly needs to be in good, sound condition. Mine was quite frankly, awful in places. Rust had eaten away most of the top 'ears' which the top of the front shocks bolt to, but luckily the main tubes which house the torsion bars were
  8. It was finally time to paint, and I was extremely lucky as last summer brought with it pretty much perfect weather for spraying outside. The colour of my van is Niagara Blue, and was only offered by VW for 10 months in late 1971 to early 72, so finding a paint supplier who had the correct formula took some doing. I was determined to get the correct shade though, because it did have such a short run. I ended up finding a bit of original paint in good condition under a rear wheel arch which had been protected by layers of underseal, so cut this out and sent it off for a match. It took two
  9. Thanks for the comments🙂. Am I tempted to keep it? No! I'm sick of the sight of the thing!! I am hoping to get good money for it though, as has been stated there are a lot of rot boxes out there, and finding a rust free right hand drive VW is a challenge. Back to the saga..... Whilst prepping for paint I noticed a few more little bits of rust that needed sorting. most of them were fairly unremarkable, but one bit that did cause me a headache was the lip on the A pillars. Here the front panel is folded over a seam made by the A post, making four layers of metal. I scratched my head fo
  10. Just an update on my original query; I sent my pump for overhaul to EP Services and they had it back to me within a week of receiving it. It's working fine now, and all in all, including postage both ways, cost about £90. Yes you can get pumps for 25 quid plus P&P, but the lifetime warranty, added reliability and longevity have got to be worth the extra cost.
  11. Peaks

    £85k TR6

    Well, I bought a set for my Scimitar for £300, and probably overpaid at that. My Scimitar wasn't worth £85k afterwards though ☹
  12. Peaks

    £85k TR6

    Has anyone here seen this car? I ask as it must be something really special..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR6-EFI-/203326138681?_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286
  13. In answer to the original question, I use as little as I can get away with! As all the books/instuctors/YouTube videos will tell you, set your welder up on scrap metal before starting to weld proper. Wind the gas back until the weld starts to splutter. I find it quite surprising how little gas is required for car body panels in a draft free garage; literally a whisper of gas.
  14. What size fan bet do people use on a Vitesse with an alternator fitted? I've currently got a 1075 but that takes the alternator fan uncomfortably close to the top radiator hose. I'm not sure if a 1050 will be short enough to move the alternator out of the way, or whether a 1025 would be better.
  15. Peaks

    Hockey Pucks

    A quick preview for you Roger.....
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