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  1. I.agree with this 100%. The cheap bearings available are cheap for a reason. If used you are building in unreliability.
  2. Peaks

    Fox engine rebuild

    Thanks Nigel, the amount dwell is what I was wondering about.
  3. Peaks

    Fox engine rebuild

    It has the same valve timing as the TR5/early 6? I as as I was considering this cam profile for my MkII Vitesse, but was concerned that I'd loose the smooth idle and low down torque.
  4. I've just seen a white Vitesse convertible drive through Luckington in Wiltshire. Anyone on here? It sounded great!
  5. That pretty much sums it up Andy. Valves and their seats will.all wear out eventually, but the speed at which they do is dependent on parts quality and style of driving. The best advice I heard regarding this is to use your car as you always have, and id/when the valve seats require work convert to hardened seats then. I certainly wouldn't bother with that lead replacement stuff you are supposed to pour into your tank every time.you top up with fuel.
  6. That was me! Could never reach the bridge windows during a RAS though, we didn't have a squeegee mop with a long enough handle.
  7. Interesting thread! It's not a myth, I too have experienced valve seat recession, but on a Ford Essex engine, not a Triumph. I agree with John; it has a lot to do with how the car is used. Also, very possibly the quality of valve/head materials originally used has a significant effect on the liklihood of recession occurring. As an aside, I am a marine engineer with particular experience in marine diesel engines. On some engines we have experienced valve seat recession on inlet valves. This has only happened on engines used in high load applications. To remedy this an inlet manifold oiler was designed, tested and fitted, and as the name suggests, this device injected very small amounts of lubricating oil into the inlet. The amount of oil injected depended on the engine.load, but it was in the region of one tea spoonful every hour on a 1.3 MW engine which would be in the region of 60 litres in size. Injecting oil, even at these small amounts, completely cured the valve ressesion problem.
  8. The fasteners used by Triumph in their engines were actually of excellent quality, and you have to spend quite a bit to buy modern ones which will be of a higher quality. So as others have said, perfectly OK to re-use them.
  9. I took Vitesse on a classic car run today, the first classic event I've been on since before lockdown. There were a lot of Triumphs, more than I had time to photograph, but here are some of them:
  10. Absolutely I have, and I'm just off to check the torque on mine! Like others, ive just nipped them up in the past.
  11. Probably the best route Paul, to clean mine cost £40, and no doubt it still isn't as good as new.
  12. Another obvious question; is the motor wired up correctly? If the positive and negative are swapped round then although the motor is running backwards it will still push out air, just at a greatly reduced volume. As others have said, it's well worth getting the matrix cleaned internally. Back flushing mine didn't make much difference so I paid a trusted radiator specialist to open the matrix up and rod through the tubes. I've got photos somewhere and I'll post them if I remember. I say trust radiator specialist as I have used one place (Arrow Radiators, I think they might be a franchise) and they were an expensive waste of time. The place I finally used has been in business for years and do heat exchangers for everything from diggers to air conditioning plants. They are called Ken Allen Radiators, and are located in Plymouth if you are in that area. As you've discovered, the heater valves also clag up and the only way I could cure that 100% was by fitting new valve; stripping and cleaning wasnt enough due to internal corrosion. The result of all that though is a heater which is at least sufficient for a saloon or a convertible with the hood up.
  13. Peaks


    There has been a bit of talk on various Triumph Facebook pages about the latest Payen head gaskets, and how the quality has dropped since Payen were bought by Federal Mogul. No experience of gasket failure with Payen myself, and I normally avoid blindly quoting what I have read elsewhere on the internet without evidence to back it up, but several people have reported HG failures so maybe worth a quick google before you buy.
  14. I agree with the comments above; with my Vitesse running on occurs either because the timing is too advanced or the mixture is too lean. With a compression ratio of 9.75:1 (very slightly higher than standard) I've never found the need to run on super unleaded nor to use any additives. I'd start with checking for air leaks on he inlet side (wear in throttle spindles and emission valve are prime suspects), get your mixture right, then experiment with different timing settings on the road.
  15. If you really want to be sure you can do what I did and pin the thrusts to stop them falling out. Here's a couple of pictures of them fitted (the right way round)
  16. All pretty manky, and the sealing face which the diaphragm mates too has corroded, so this one is beyond repair. I suspect what was happening was that all the crud was keeping the diaphragm in the closed position no matter where the operating lever was. Anyway, I got the heater matrix opened up and cleaned out internally a while back, and with the new valve actually allowing water into it, it turns out that the heater in the Vitesse is actually very effective. Who knew?? All those years putting up with poor performance, assuming that they were all like that, and it was just an old car idiosyncrasy 🙄
  17. Well new valve fitted, but I did take the old one apart as Pete said just out of curiosity. Here's what's inside them....
  18. Great thread 👍 I know I'm going to sound like a pedantic knob, but.... as far as Triumph were concerned there was a Vitesse 6, a Vitesse 2 litre and a Vitesse MkII but never a model designated as a MkI. Right, my inner anorack has spoken and will now shut up. As you were! 😉
  19. While I haven't had a hissy fit when thinking about synthetic oils in my Triumph, as I only do 2 - 3k miles a year it makes financial sense to use mineral oils. If the use of synthetic means that oil changes could be moved out to bi- annual though, that would obviously change the outcome of the investment appraisal! Using mineral oils though, I do make sure that I use a good quality filter (there is so much rubbish out there, but that's a whole new thread.....) and the oil has sufficient ZDDP levels. Not very scientific, but over 60k miles or so I haven't experienced a build up of sludge so I reckon sludge build up is more to to with regular oil changes rather than mineral/synthetic use.
  20. Thanks Pete, I'll probably buy a new one as the valve is leaking coolant t around the claws.as you describe them. I'll certainly take the old one apart though, just to have a look to see how it all works. The operating cable is fairly smooth as I removed it and freed it up a while back. I guess it's just a characteristic of the valve. If all the valves do come from the same factory, as I suspect, then we in the Triumph world are lucky as the valves from our suppliers are around £22. A valve from other marque specialists that look exactly the same are anything up to £52.
  21. The heater valve on Vitesse is looking a bit sorry for itself and only opens occasionally when I try to operate it. Are all the heater valves available from the various suppliers and ebay of the same quality? I ask as I assume that by now Smiths no longer make them and they are a pattern part. Also, while I'm on he subject.... I've never been able to really operate the valve easily from the dash, with quite a lot of pressure required from the palm of my hand to close the valve. It's always been like that, and I've always accepted it, but is that normal? It's a MkII Vitesse by the way, not that I'd imagine the model makes much difference in this case. Thanks.
  22. I always like to think so Gary! I had to fit a replacement dash top to my Vitesse a few years ago and could only find a 13/60 one at the time. I went to a lot of trouble to enlarge the hole for the ash tray so the Vitesse one would fit. All that for somethimg 99.9% of people would not notice, and I don't smoke either, but I had to keep the Vitesse standard up! 😃
  23. I doubt many people will find this of any use as they are not a wearing part, but the ashtray set into the MkII Vitesse dash top is the same as those found on a Reliant Scimitar SE5a. I've seem plenty of Scimitar ones on ebay for less than a fiver, but not many listed under the Vitesse.
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