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  1. Ok thanks for help everyone. Because the loom clips were missing from the chassis it was not obvious but after some trial and error it’s in place now. Just need to drill and fix some loom clamps to hold it in place.
  2. Thanks Colin . Worked out the rout to the rear. Can you confirm is the rout to front from the fuse box is across the bulk head behind the heater and then onto the chassis to the front via the bonnet tipping bar.
  3. Currently rebuilding a nut and bolt resto on my Vitesse. Does anyone know of a routing diagrame that shows the loom and exactly where it runs in the body. None of my workshop manuals has any layout. Regards Jon Saunders
  4. Thanks Colin I am going to have a go myself as materials are about £30. If I fail then I will try local upholsterer. I would like to do everything myself as I have done so far . I am about 3/4 way through complete restoration and have done it all myself in my garage and driveway. It seems to be critical to get the correct thickness Vinyl and then use a heat gun to form it around the compound curves. I will post a picture of finished article in next few days.
  5. I wish to recover the dash surround in vinyl colour red to match the seats. The compound curves at each side of the dash give me cause for concern. Has anyone ever done this and if so any tips on how to get a good smooth finish at the difficult compound curves each side. Any help and or advice would be most welcome . Best tegards Jon Saunders
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