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  1. yes I certainly will be buying more from them very nice to deal with and great quality, when you finally get through your car you will be well chuffed, i am only just starting on my journey and keep adding to my list of things to do lol, regards wayne.
  2. I have just bought a few panels for my spitfire from them and i am well chuffed with the quality, I have been going through your posts with interest its coming on nicely
  3. not sure what yours is like but I have always found a good fitting system with springs the best, its simple most race bike systems are like it, regards wayne
  4. Now my panels and parts are here I made a start on removing all the rot, when I got the outer sill off it had been replaced badly, part of the old sill left in but explained why the door gap at this side was non existent. nothing had been fitted correctly but once I get everything out including the floor, lower A post I can fit it up on chassis and spend time getting the correct alignment, it felt good to get started on the tub, The curved panels at the front and rear where saved I used a wire wheel to go over the edges to find the spot welds and then drilled them out, this is easy to find them using the wheel it leaves the indents full of paint. after cutting out the sill i saw how weak the tub is so I plan on cutting the bulkhead out after everything is set so i dont weaken it too much and it all folds on me.
  5. As Clive says, what are the door gaps like. If they are really good tack in a 25mm box section across the gap so the door still fits so you can double check before going ahead and properly welding if the gaps are bad you want a gap tool you can bolt in to hold the opening as is then once you take the sills off you can adjust the gap correctly by turning the nuts, here's one I knocked up but you can buy them, or maybe borrow one. I just paid £165 for the full floor, £10 middle sill then about £28 for the inner sill, I got lucky with a new outer sill and payed a tenner but i think they are normally about £45 oh and lower A post was £62, if your outer is good drill out the spot welds carefully to re use the sill, I would be inclined to do the full job as you can see the full extent
  6. I am about to do my floor, A post, sills then cut the bulkhead out, i will post pics and description, it will commence this weekend so I can move things on then onto the wings
  7. Go for it, just make sure you have a decent welder with gas, stitch weld so the heat doesn't build up in any one area, Richards post above is spot on, regards wayne
  8. Thanks Nick, I did see the the damper issue, and again looks like both have good points and things to overcome, regards wayne
  9. Thanks John, I now have questions lol. looking at the cv conversion that nicks done with the gt6 uprights with two adjustable arms to the chassis, if I did the same thing to the MGF upright by machining a base block and shock mount above and setting lower arms up on rose joints similar to nicks and marcus's would this be ok or is the way you set up your arm a better or stronger way? I don't really want to go full space frame style like some others have done I want to keep the spit chassis, many regards wayne, ps I got a set of rover 100 short drive shafts bizarrely.
  10. I can't find the Marcus post anyone point me in the right direction please, my heads spinning now going through posts lol
  11. John I have just found a post with your pictures on this looks a good set up, I will look at Marcus's post as well for more ideas, I liked Nicks cv conversion but the price of the links and might be harder to find, I need to do some reading and make a plan thanks again, ps John did you do any documentation or drawings for your set up, many regards wayne
  12. Thanks clive I will check that out, I had indeed been thinking on the cv conversion, initially was just going to leave as is but after going the whole hog I might as well do it at this stage as wish i had done later, everyone seems to rate the conversions although I hadnt looked at the MGF one so will see what that entails, Regards wayne
  13. Thanks Nick i will contact them and I will also be in touch I am able to travel for bits, regards wayne.
  14. looking for a pair of GT6 vertical rear links for the rotoflex if anyone has them or knows where i might find a set, regards wayne.
  15. wow great conversion, I collected my gearbox and overdrive at the weekend so I now can get the lump fitted up, my cooling side I have planned on going with an ally rad which will be plated off with an electric fan I have worked out my tub cuts and material is in so I will be cutting this week I can press up my panels to fit the cut outs so things will move along nicely
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