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  1. Already started on the rebuild, nudging closer to the £4k mark, just hope the parts are of a good quality. Thanks. Peter
  2. Thanks Andy, aye you're right, thought I may be able to find a decent runner so I could enjoy what's left of the summer and rebuild the old unit later on. Peter
  3. Hi Colin, thanks for your help, I might as well overhaul my own engine. Not unless he's got a good one. Cheers. Peter
  4. Hi all, Does anyone or know of anyone who have a decent Stag engine for sale? Regards Peter
  5. Hi, Can anyone give me any advice on my Stag type 35 auto box? It has a bad clung when I go from drive to reverse and again when I select drive again. Also it seems to take a long time to get into top gear and when I select park it does't lock into position all the time, you can push the car forward and hear it trying to locate. I have had the car up on axle stands and noticed a bit of play in the diff. I have only recently bought the car and noticed over the last 4 yrs the only millage the car has done is when it has gone for its MOT. I did think of changing the transmission fluid and filter, but was advised against it. Can anyone help. Thanks Peter
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