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  1. Theyre not made for individual models of cars so theres just a few boost ratios to choose from. The maker can recommend which is the most suitable but its up to the purchaser to decide how much brake assistance he wants (leg strength?). Unless you can match up the part numbers of your servo its difficult to know what the original purchaser bought for his MGB but the chances are it will be reasonable for your car as well. In the end you'll have to try it and see how it suits you. I personally have good brake pads on my Vitesse and find it pretty easy to lock the wheels even without a servo so would want only the smallest amount of assistance...
  2. I hope the boost ratio is only 1.65:1 or at the most 1.9 as more on a light car will probably be too much so you lose controllability and risk locking up wheels (without ABS). Unfortunately you cant tell the boost ratio just by the size of the diaphragm....
  3. It really comes down to the inspection when apart: if you find the bearings worn, winding damaged, corrosion etc then maybe a new dynamo is a good idea although most things can be repaired if required. Also if replacing then perhaps a alternator conversion should be considered...
  4. I sit on my wheels for fine tuning the engine, its one of the best things about the car☺️
  5. youve got to have all the PPE on for working on your car these days!
  6. when you look down inside I fill only the smallest diameter (damper tube) you can see. As said anymore just drains away...
  7. Pity as these gearboxes can go downhill pretty fast once they start and if not caught early it can be expensive☹️
  8. If you post a picture of the bits someone might be able to diagnose whats happened and whether further action is required....
  9. Dont suppose its an OD gearbox by any chance?
  10. yes typical of fuel restriction is misfiring as the load (and fuel consumption) of the engine goes up but then runs ok again on tickover. Alternatively something can be floating around in the tank and block the outlet so the engine cuts out which then allows the item to drop off and the engine to run ok until the next time...
  11. Ive measured up one from box of bits at 15/16". Definitely 3 rail but wait for a confirmation...
  12. Maybe the holes for the valves are slightly larger on a repro than original because my valves had to be tapped quite firmly into place with a tube of the right diameter and wont be going anywhere. The fit is that good its why I didnt bother with a gasket either...
  13. Ive just replaced the valves in the original AC fuel pump from my Mk1 Vit. Not a bad job and the difference in the pump operation is night and day. I had to file away the 6 stamp marks that lock in each valve (easy as its alloy) and one then came out very easily as there was access to its reverse side. The other however is harder to get out with levering the only way to do it which of course destroys the valve and it youre not careful marks the alloy body.... It eventually shifted and theres even a paper gasket under each valve! I removed these as its overkill because the new valves tap in very snuggly and, for the same reason, I didnt make new punch marks to hold them in either. Job done!
  14. Jeff, can you now still turn the fan while holding the pulley or are they solidly connected?
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