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  1. B2s normally come in at night they don't like the anoraks at the end of the runway, according to local news we can expect two B2s any day now as the spotters saw B2 spare engines being unloaded last week.
  2. I am lucky enough to live near RAF Fairford and today two B1B bombers just came in to join the U2 spy planes that are here already.... IMG_4886.MOV
  3. Once you bolt on the T-pieces No3 and No22 from the first diagram it becomes clear as to where to run both brake and fuel lines. Good Luck!!
  4. Second from the bottom... fits in holes along the near side main chassis rail.
  5. Mine were soldered so pulled out easy by just tugging on the wire... But I do have a special tool for putting them back in!!
  6. I like it, beads water for a long time... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Meguiars-Hybrid-Ceramic-Advanced-Technology/dp/B0845Q2R4Z?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1&psc=1 follow up with this https://www.amazon.co.uk/Meguiars-Detailer-Enhances-Coatings-Sealants/dp/B0845PPPHC?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1&psc=1
  7. Pulled mine out and replaced the bulb with a LED so I can now see it in sunlight...Not glued!!
  8. Where exactly is this pin, I look at the diff diagram and can't see it? Mine is still clunking and I just can't track it down, thinking a rolling road (mot brake test type rolling road) might allow me to track it down.
  9. I took mine off the ignition switch spare terminal so its only live with ignition switched on!!!
  10. I have LED side/brake/indicators/dash lights but still use sealed beam headlights, can't justify the cost as I don't intend to drive car at night but I do like the extra brightness of the brake lights and indicators as a good safety issue during normal daytime use, plus I can now see the green indicator warning light on the dash...
  11. Don't you just Fecking hate cancer, RIP Ray from a survivor...
  12. https://donbarrow.co.uk/tulip-road-book-software-demo-download/
  13. The spin on adaptor came from Rimmer Bros, oil filter can't remember but pretty much a fiver at all the usual suspects Halfords/Motor factors etc....
  14. https://www.oilfilter-crossreference.com/convert/UNIPART/GFE173 Cross reference for filters...
  15. This is mine and a spare filter to go in, unipart one is GFE 173.
  16. So Doug for Vitesse do you need two of these, one for inner and one for outer?
  17. Try this.... http://www.triumphspitfire.com/enginenumbers.html Just means High Compression Engine
  18. Coming out the pub in the Seventy's I had a conversation in the car park with a Lurcher, I asked him if he was lost and he said 'yes' and happily jumped onto the back seat of my Hillman Imp. I took him home with me (Twenty miles away) and gave him a late supper. He howled and barked all night long so next morning I drove twenty miles back to the pub opened the car door and he ran into a house across the street....Happy day's!!!
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