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  1. I fitted a genuine Mk3 cam to my Spitfire which needed the bearings as it has a 13/60 GE block. I used the old GE cam as a drift to fit the bearings. Worked perfectly, just check the oil holes line up well. Would the 6 cylinder be any different? Could be worth a try. If the cam failed to drop into place after fitting the bearings it would point to issues....
  2. Well, the drip tray works... Master cylinder 400 miles & 21 months old. It would appear to be leaking from the joint of reservoir to cylinder.
  3. Just to clarify, the 4 cylinder equivalent is the Mann W713 / 14. Been using these for a few years after a trusted recommendation on here. As above, bulk bought from ECP a few years back.
  4. Thanks for the advice Guys, I'm hoping to lift it up a little. What's the thoughts on clearance, I was thinking 1/4"?
  5. Sorry, this is on a MK1V Spitfire, can this be added to the title?
  6. Hi all, Following the failed fitment of an old Herald full width radiator I have just bought a modern full width replacement from 'accparts' on ebay. I almost bought it last week but ummed & ahhed like you do. They then offered me a 5% discount so it was mine for £142 delivered. Incidentally I bought this as opposed to the trendy alluminium ones as it looks more traditional. Fitment however is a little fraught. The rad fouls the nut on the intake support bracket so this needs removing first. Mounting height - I wanted to fit it as high as possible for a good head of water - I have had to fit it as low as possible, the rad itself is well clear but the cap now clears by about 1/2". The bottom hose fits just in terms of length, alignment is good. The top hose alignment is pretty dreadful but does go on. Anyway it's all in and working. I have a spare top hose in the boot for when the old one splits......
  7. I've used classic spindly rusty 1960's style ramps both front & rear on my Mk4 for many years with no issues. They are quick to set up inspire much more confidence than axle stands. I remember my Morris Marina sliding sideways on axle stands, not an experience I'd like to repeat.....
  8. I had this a while ago on my Spitfire, occasionally misfiring under load or cutting out. Checked all sorts & got nowhere. Whilst fiddling with the key it suddenly showed up. Changed the ignition switch and all has been fine since.
  9. Finding a fibre washer may not be easy at the moment. I made a washer out of copper, just cut a bit of tube open, flatten, drill & cut roughly to shape. Works perfectly.
  10. I do remember back in the 70's when it smelt really funky, no Idea what was i it, but probably some dangerous additive which was later removed. I used if for cleaning & lubing my racing bike. It was also called 'Magic Rocket' WD 40 can anyone else remember this?
  11. Hi Wim, Where yours is showing 62 mine is 62.5. My screen is original but the wing has been replaced.
  12. Hi Paul, I don't actually have any at the moment & tennis elbow means it's not likely now. I've used 'Farcella' in the past, but the bulk of the work is letting it dry hard then rubbing out the runs with 800 down to 1600 wet paper. Anyone tried a low cost polishing machine with success?
  13. Hi Mark, I used 'Standard Thinners' off ebay, £15 delivered. I'm using a very old & cheap spray gun / compressor and it works fine.
  14. Well it came out quite well. It does look a little lighter than the old panel, could this be due to stored paint ageing or old paint darkening? I suppose it could be just badly mixed or just fresher. Or lots of things. I'll put it on the car & see how it looks.
  15. Thanks Poppyman, I thought I may need to use extra thinners if it had all thickened up or something, but it seemed fine on opening the cans so sprayed it 50/50. As Nonmember says, it may not last so I won't try my bootlid yet!
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