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  1. Sunstar made their 1/18th scale GT6 MkIIIs in a wide range of colours (along with even more Spitfire MkIV models) - they took up a hell of a lot of space!! Chris Model Colour Manufacturer Mnfr. Code GT6 Mk3 Laurel green Sun Star H1055 GT6 Mk3 Red Sun Star H1056 GT6 Mk3 White Sun Star H1057 GT6 Mk3 Pimento red Sun Star H1058 GT6 Mk3 Mimosa yellow Sun Star H1059 GT6 Mk3 Emerald green Sun Star H1061 GT6 Mk3 Signal Red Sun Star H1062 GT6 Mk3 White Sun Star H1063
  2. This month my contribution to MARonline (Model AutoReview) is the Telsalda Triumph GT6 (MkI):- https://www.maronline.org.uk/telsalda-triumph-gt6-where-is-the-bonnet-bulge/ As far as I know this is the only 'toy' GT6 produced; it is fairly rare compared with the Telsalda Triumph Spitfire I featured last month so I do not think it was a great seller. Chris Longhurst (78/00350)
  3. Hi DVD3500 The metal kit was probably by Metal24; I never got round to building mine (pic attached). Western Models also made a nice model (I think in kit form) - I had a built example - this was one I was going to keep but realised that if I did I would start collecting Spitfires again (3 pics attached) so it had to go!! Both Spark & Vitesse made some 1/43rd MkIV/1500s - I might get round to covering those later next year! Chris
  4. Link to an article I wrote for MARonline on the Telsalda Triumph Spitfire 'holiday' sets- they might be plastic but I think they would have been great play value for children (& adults) in the 1960s! https://www.maronline.org.uk/telsada-triumph-spitfire-lots-of-summer-fun/ Chris 78/00350
  5. Attached link is to an article I wrote for MARonline (Model Auto Review) on replicas of the Dinky Toys 114 Triumph Spitfire:- https://www.maronline.org.uk/dinky-114-triumph-spitfire-replicas-and-replicars/ Chris 78/00350
  6. Attached is a link to an article I wrote on the Dinky Toys 114 Triumph Spitfire 4 'variations' for MARonline (Model Auto Review) for those who might be interested. Try and collect them all if you have lots of spare cash!! https://www.maronline.org.uk/dinky-114-triumph-spitfire-model-and-box-variations/ Chris 78/00350
  7. It might be worth dropping an email to the Bond Register Secretary (Guy Singleton - details in the Courier) as Bond did use some unique colours GT2+2 = Dover White GT4S 1147cc engine= Standard White GT4S 1296cc engine = White not that helpful & I am not sure if Standard White = Triumph White code 19 as Colin suggests! Chris
  8. More complications from eBay - I'll stick to selling in the UK from now on! From 1 July, and in line with new legislation, eBay will collect VAT on all goods which are sold through eBay and shipped to buyers in the European Union (EU) with a consignment value up to EUR150. eBay will collect VAT on all sales to private individuals, regardless of seller status. eBay will declare the VAT collected under our Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) number. As EU customs need to identify if VAT has already been paid for EU imports, eBay’s IOSS number needs to be shared electronically with carriers. In cases where eBay has collected VAT and the goods are shipped from the UK, you are responsible for sharing eBay’s IOSS number with your carrier. Failure to share eBay’s IOSS will lead to buyers paying VAT again on delivery. Note that the Post Office systems do not accept a manually provided IOSS number. If you continue sending parcels through the Post Office without pre-purchasing labels through Click & Drop or the other alternatives set out below, your buyers may have to pay VAT again on delivery. To simplify the process, we will enrol you into the Global Shipping Programme (GSP) by 1 July. You will receive an email once we have successfully opted you in with further details and a link to opt-out should you wish to do so. GSP will ensure that the IOSS is correctly transmitted and that all customs charges/processes/international delivery is taken care of. All you have to do after a sale transaction is post your parcel to the UK Shipping Centre. Learn more here. If you wish to continue to post packages to Europe yourself using the Royal Mail or an express carrier service, the alternative postage methods available to you, where you can electronically declare eBay IOSS to your carrier are: eBay labels Packlink. Read more here. Royal Mail Click & Drop account linked to eBay account. Labels can be dropped off at the Post Office once printed. Read more here. Buy postage online with a carrier (Hermes/Parcel2Go/DPD/UPS) and electronically declare eBay’s IOSS number.
  9. I hope you liked the picture of Stirling Moss with the Gazels !
  10. If he is buying only - nothing; why give them bank details that they do not need! If he wants to sell - register details otherwise (as i understand it) you are blocked from selling.
  11. I think if you buy only from EB you would not receive one (according to friends I have spoken to) - you would only get one if you are (were) a seller.
  12. Yes - I reluctantly went ahead but it was a hassle. We have a joint account which we use for online stuff (Amazon, PayPal, etc) but when I tried to register it eBay would not accept it - I never did get an answer to if the problem was that it was a joint account or if I had listed our names the wrong way round. I then remembered I had an old unused (since 2014) account with another bank from when when I was acting as my Mum's 'Deputy' (she had dementia) which was in my name only. As it is a branch account & unused I had no recent statements to prove it was mine; luckily I had the old cheque book & was able to scan in a voided cheque which seemed to satisfy them. No doubt it would have been easier if I used on-line banking!! You can still buy on eBay without using their new sales system.
  13. Some of you may be interested in this article I wrote for MARonline (Model Auto Review) reviewing the Indian produced Nicky Toys 054 Standard Herald Mk II models:- link https://www.maronline.org.uk/nicky-toys-054-standard-herald-mk-ii-india/ An article will follow on the Four-Door Herald and Standard Gazel models in due course. Chris (78/00350)
  14. Some of you may be interested in this article I wrote for MARonline (Model Auto Review) reviewing the UK and Indian produced Dinky 134 Triumph Vitesse models:- link https://www.maronline.org.uk/dinky-toys-triumph-vitesse-134-uk-and-india/ An article will follow on the Nicky Toys 054 Standard Herald Mk II in due course. Chris (78/00350)
  15. There are a few more of these 'kits' listed on eBay if anyone is interested:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Vitesse-Resin-Bodyshell-Slot-Car-Airfix-Conversion-Kit-1-32/174682850364?hash=item28abe8c43c:g:Cb0AAOSwM5JgA2ry Be warned that there is a lot of fettling/flash removal required & the back end is Herald derived (from the Airfix kit) but it is a good basis for a static model/slot car of the 2L MkII. The front lights are slightly over scale (just under 6" rather than the correct 5") if my scale measurements/calculations are correct! Chris 78/00350
  16. Review of the Toledo Model on MAR Online (Model Auto Review) Link https://www.maronline.org.uk/silas-models-triumph-toledo/ Chris
  17. For anyone interested there are some Triumph Toledo models - 1/43rd scale, resin) from Silas Models now available (in 4 colours) from British Heritage Models (link included). http://www.britishheritagemodels.co.uk/shop/search.php?q=toledo&searchbutton=Go! I don't recall any other models of the Toledo but am not really knowledgeable on that marque. Chris
  18. Blimey - I don't remember writing that - & where did my hair go (although the moustache is still present)!! Chris 78/00350
  19. Yes - that & it's alter ego CFH 217B seem to dominate Google searches. Another one that comes up is VAA 379H which is sometimes listed as a Belfast car. Any idea if it was a genuine N.Irish car? https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-triumph-herald-police-car-from-1959-59190578.html
  20. Thanks John - that's the correct link. The letters could be FEO as EO was used in Barrow-in-Furness (ha - just thought of looking that up!) & F is a possible prefix in 1967 (when the F year letter was in use). Chris
  21. I had an article published in the February 2021 Courier (#488 pp66-67) on Monmouthshire police cars ('panda cars'). After submission of the article to Bern. last year I found a link to another batch of Police Herald 1200s belonging to the Barrow-in-Furness Borough police force. They are similar to the Monmouthshire cars but with a slightly different shape to the roof boxes. I've been trying to figure our the registrations of the cars. The picture on the site only downloads as is only 9 kbs so detail is poor; looking at the picture on the website & enlarging the picture on my monitor the registration of the right hand-side car looks like a 'F' reg (may be FED 7?7F). I wonder if anyone with better eyes (or technology) can read them! https://british-police-history.uk/f/barrow-in-furness-borough Thanks - Chris (78/00350)
  22. Mudflaps with Triumph Motif for Herald Range (page 3 of pdf.) Chris Triumph_Accessories.pdf
  23. Rather random selection of countries he/she won't ship to! Bolivia, Haiti, Liberia, Nicaragua, Turkmenistan, Paraguay, Mauritius, Sierra Leone, Venezuela
  24. I recall using Castrol PH White (Brake) Grease back in the late 70's and 1980s - if I remember correctly it was recommended because it was 'waterproof' (it also had marine applications). It did the job. Not sure why I started using copper later on - probably because I had a tube to hand. Chris
  25. My post was a little misleading - what I have is some Vitesse 2L MkII body shells in resin that seem to have been derived from a 1/32nd Airfix Herald. 1 will use for a 2L MKII, the other 2 will be modified to a 1600 and a Indian Standard Herald MKIII 4-door (which has a early Vitesse bonnet) - hence the need to the grill mesh size! Attached (I hope) are a few pics (apologies for the poor quality) - the front end shape looks o.k. although I think the lights are slightly over-scale. There is also a lot of 'flash; from casting to remove. I once tried to convert an Airfix Herald to a Vitesse but realised that although peoples faces are usually asymmetrical, Vitesse front ends are usually not & gave up on the project. Chris
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