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  1. Thanks guys I suppose run it and see can always make something up later.
  2. Hi I've just fitted twin SU's to my 13/60 and realised that it doesn't have the extra downward outlet as the single carb manifold. So I presume that I need to fit a t piece in the hose someone has said that it should have a restrictor in it? I've ordered a 15mm equal t piece do I need to fit a restrictor in one of the outlets. Any info appreciated.
  3. pirate


    Sorry not seen the thread, feel free to move it.
  4. We shared it, I had left the oven fan with no heat running for an hour house door open. tasted ok
  5. Don't know if anyone else has tried it, I spray painted my exhaust manifold with very high temperature graphite grey think it came out well, time will tell if it lasts. rotary wire brush, clean with spirit, I did 6 coats, let it dry for about an hour then make sure the wife is out and bake it in the oven at 160C for a further hour. cook garlic bread to kill the smell she never suspected anything!
  6. I gave up with the Accuspark and fitted the old points distributor couldn't find my feeler gauges so set the points gap by rack of eye method, It gave a good spark. earlier in the thread I had fitted new tank to fuel pump cunifer pipe, today made up stainless steel braided fuel pipe with in line fuel filter before the pump. Burrs taken off the cut pipe and blown out with the airline. On trying to start the car fuel was peeing out of the overflow, put a post on the Sports 6 FB page and Rob came back try checking the float setting. It was indeed a long way out and checking the manual it gave the setting at 18mm put back together and problem cured. turned the engine over and it didn't seem that petrol was getting through, tried a few different things then in a final attempt put my hand over the carb intake, it coughed and sputtered spat petrol out and on the next attempt fired up for about 6 seconds kept trying it and same each time. Then I could hear the regulator clicking and then smoke pouring out! Luckily I had a new one on the shelf, the joys of classic cars you just never know what's going to give next! On investigation the contacts were bad, coils rusty and now smoking! As I was changing it I put my hand on the coil, It was red hot then discovered that was cooked! Some choice words, you little bast**d you won't beat me! Quick search and pulled out a second hand coil. took a plug out to check if I had a spark, good bright spark showing. I fitted a starter solenoid with a button back in the thread which has been a good move, I put my hand over the air intake again and it fired up, worked the throttle linkage and got good revs the engine sounded sweet. couldnt run it for long as I have no rad fitted yet, but she runs! And I had at last a smile on my chops. Gpt a way to go yet before it's ready for back on the road will give it a good service before I do. I have no idea what the starting problem was but fixed a multitude of things along the way!
  7. So the horn plate is attached to the bonnet, must be some brackets somewhere will look through the box. cheers
  8. I've got the car stripped down for restoration, I tried one of the newly painted engine valance panels on yesterday and thought I would offer up the horn plate, It's been over 2 years since I stripped the car and can't remember what It bolts too. Anyone got pics showing the assembly, looked in the restoration manual and it shows nowt! I wanted to plan how the new ally full width radiator was going to fit.
  9. I'm doing mine at the moment part of the restoration. Newspaper and masking tape is fine I have covered the engine with an old sheet just to keep overspray off, I'm using a compressor and spray gun. If your putting a few coats of primer on, you can spray the next coat as soon as the last one is touch dry without rubbing down, it will bond ok. I would give the primer overnight to dry before lightly rubbing down before top coat, be careful as you can soon rub through to bare metal again. If the pipes look to be in good order not pitted with rust you should be able to move them enough to do the repair. hope it helps.
  10. Cheers Pete, just need to get it running again to move it around while I finish rubbing down the bodywork, then I will give it a full service before putting it back on the road.
  11. Back working on the project I've got quite a bit done while I've been on light duties, up dated my FB page.
  12. Yes not had a proper run just moved in and out of the garage, I'll give it a clean out probably would benefit with flushing out filter and oil before running it properly. cheers.
  13. Your right had a walk back in the garage tidying some spanners away and saw the thick spacer gasket on the bulkhead doh! all fastened up and not hitting the manifold. Cant see the wood for the trees sometimes lol.
  14. Hi I'm back, just had my final opp 3 weeks ago to reverse my stoma I can poo properly now and fart at will ! Back on the 13/60 project been at for 2 years on and off just put a post in the engine forum as I found a rocker box cover full of emulsified gunk. Ive just replaced the inlet and exhaust manifolds I sprayed the exhaust manifold with high temperature graphite grey and baked it in the oven while the wife was out, cooked garlic bread after she suspected nothing lol. I do hope the emulsified yuk isn't a sure sign it's the head gasket, I'm on a roll at the moment putting the car back together, don't want to have to start stripping it again. As has been said many times in this thread If you have any problems with your plumbing get yourself checked. will probably be posting for help as I can't remember how the car goes back together now!
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