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  1. That's the difference between an SSBN (Ballistic missile firing, Nuclear powered) and SSN (Nuclear powered) which seems to, not surprisingly, escape much of the media and public. Best not go down the rabbit hole of what happens with respect to Faslane Naval Base and the approx 11,000 (figures vary) jobs should Indy Ref 2 go through! Dick
  2. Most unlikely as it will probably be outsourced to you know where then stuck in a shipping container. Interesting that there is no mention of what the penalty is for failing to comply so should make the legal profession smile and the courts even more choked up with appeals. Dick
  3. Interesting that this does not appear to have it the mainstream press (yet). The commotion tomorrow/Wednesday will be indicative of what the general public feels about such a crass waste of time, energy and individuals money and the associated avoidable pollution in production issue (tongue in cheek). Dick
  4. More likely to be 3.63:1. This link to the Archive section on the Canley Classics site may help. https://www.canleyclassics.com/?archive=different-differentials
  5. A look in the 'Areas' section on the Club Home Page might guide you to a local regular meet that can meet the requirement. Dick
  6. I use RAIN-X Anti Fog and just like RAIN-X on the windscreen it works. Dick
  7. Why? Should be no requirement, see Johny's comment above. Dick
  8. I would suggest use it and enjoy it; if something goes wrong and the head has to come off all will be revealed (maybe)! Dick
  9. Try contacting Guy Singleton the Bond Register Sec for the TSSC. His details are in The Cars section of the website. Dick
  10. And from bitter experience check that the indent in the new brake cylinders allows the handbrake pivot to sit recessed. Dick
  11. Oh no it's not! About 250 mile round trip for me, which includes the delights of the M25 for a bit. Met office and XCW forecast looks spot on, and much warmer than last year. Dick
  12. And hopefully my replacement stop/tail lamp lens arrives after a t.... and his lady knocked it off at a classic gathering yesterday. "An accident"; "no,careless and if you do not know how to behave near classic cars don't go near them". Still, he paid up there and then probably because of too many witnesses. Dick
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