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  1. Gentlemen please, this is becoming rather tiresome/tedious/puerile/add your own...... A degree of tolerance would not go amiss, almost none of you would survive long in a ship at sea for prolonged periods with his sort of attitude or behaviour; ones that you would not persist in face to face. Another calvados calls. Dick
  2. Morphed into 'Walter the Worm' sweeties available in Aldi!
  3. Mark, Why are you SHOUTING, I think most have got the message.
  4. John, On the first point correct, although too much of a expletive comes at the cost of (another) round of port! The others do not. Of even more passing/remote interest is in the Russian Navy the third toast (after "Heads of State of those here present" and "Our Guests") is, after a sombre emotional preamble (fisherman, dangers of the sea etc) "For those at sea". It is compulsory on that one to drain the vodka glass! I was fortunate to have many dealings with the Russian Navy, professional and social, over several years and cracking chaps they were; forget the politicians. Highlights probably CO of the guardship of HMY for the State Visit to St Petersburg and then representing the RN at Trafalgar 200 events in St Pete and Moscow in 2005. What was this thread again!! Dick
  5. In an RN Wardroom there is a toast for each day of the week, and it is (Saturday night) "Sweethearts and wives, may they never meet"; incorrect in Master and Commander. For those so inclined the others: "Our ships"; "Our Men"; "Ourselves"; "A willing foe and sea room"; "A bloody war and a sickly season" (both good for promotion); "S & W"; "Absent friends". Woe betide the Midshipman who gets it wrong! Dick
  6. Engine and/or gearbox mountings shot?
  7. Alex, What model of car would be a good starter for the help you will definitely receive. Dick
  8. Something rings a bell (sorry) that says the horn switches rely on an airbag rotary contact unit. On an older Freelander the horn is on the right hand side, looking from the front, under an air inlet hose iirc. Dick ps Good weather time to go sailing in the Shrimper for a gathering in The Solent for 4 days to get over going the pub last night with another GT6 to find 30 of the Chichester MGOC there!
  9. Had something similar when I first rebuilt the GT6 and assumed it was the wheels, in the end found the spline adaptors worn and incorrect nuts holding them on (wrong angle). Dick
  10. A marine item for leaking decks and I have used it frequently on a variety of boats and Land Rovers and it does work. Need to make sure everything is dry before you apply it and investigate where the leak originates from, the ideal application spot, and not just where the water exits from. Dick
  11. Relax and sleep easy, both of my 'original' ones come to rest at the same angle after 44 years. Dick
  12. Probably me as my son is one. Just had a chat with him and if Evostick (but which sort and did you allow enough time plus a bit to cure?) did not work he suggested Loctite Vinyl, Fabric and Plastic. Need to make sure clean, no dirt and leave it long enough. However some fabric can be so old the only solution that will last is a new one, and that includes having got a sailmaker to sew it up; a quandry he frequently faces with boat owners who think everything is repairable which it is but, to mangle a quote, 'you'll be back'. Dick
  13. But can I recommend you carry some self-amalgamating hose repair tape; got me out of trouble on Laon Historique with something similar, not very old and no warning. Dick
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