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  1. Hi guys thank you for the additional thoughts; to address some of the questions asked; no additive has been added and to my knowledge, the overdrive had been working normally on 3rd and 4th. Given the broad consensus around the overdrive, I'm going to address the DIY suggestions this weekend. If this fails to resolve things, having read up this now, the risk is that I could create further damage. This being the case, the contingency will be off to Chic Doig who is my most local expert. While I prefer to have a go at most things if it comes to a gearbox out and repairs to the overdrive unit I suspect I've run out of talent 🙂 my thanks to one and all Best Wishes Graham
  2. Just back in from the garage and really grateful to see so many comments (some of which may be above my skill level!). I don't think the clutch is slipping, no other signs of this when I'm on the open road and I live in a hilly area! The gear lever doesn't pop back into neutral. The one item that, for me is from left-field, is the OD. Certainly, the Canley notes suggest this is a possibility that I had never considered. Time to have a look through their guide notes. Ohh and I got it to do it again this afternoon. Into reverse backing happily into the garage, then on the small slope into the doorway, no drive and plenty of revs; into first forward 10 yards and then back into reverse - no problem! Got to love a weird intermittent fault one to keep me going in the cold dark evenings. All other thoughts welcome and thank you Regards Graham
  3. Odd one, from time to time my Mk1 2litre Vitesse with OD, loses drive when I set off in 1st or reverse. It is particularly noticeable when I reverse into my garage which involves a very small upward slope; al is fine until meeting the slope with everything engaged and then drive gets lost. No change in tone of drive. Something is wrong and the only way I can think to describe it is in comparing it with a starter motor that has lost some teeth, sometimes it works and sometimes not. All thoughts much appreciated Regards Graham
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