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  1. I have just ordered a new seat base foam of my Mk1 Vitesse from Newtons via the club. It arrived and is in 3 pieces, the main seat base and the two separate side bits. I assumed that it would just be one piece! I have not taken the original out yet to see how thats fitted but wanted to check before I do, should the seat foam be in one, if not how are the side bits held in place? Bob
  2. Hi, any advice welcome. I would like to change my ketal fan for a plastic one on a 2L Mk1 Vitesse, does such a thing exist? Bob
  3. Thanks for the replies, I imaging to order a set. Just one other point, does anyone know if they need additional insulation or underlay and if so what is recommended? Bob
  4. HI, has anyone bought or fitted the moulded carpets sold by the club, I believe they are made by Newtons. I wish to replace the carpets in my vitesse and would like to know if the moulded carpets are any good and if they are similar to the originals. Bob
  5. Can you explain what needs to be dismantled to gain access for lube. cheers Bob
  6. HI, I have a MK1 2L Vitesse, when I drive the car after it has been left for a while the speedo under reads by quite a lot, affect a few miles it "wakes up" and reads correctly. If I then stop and turn off and then restart it works fine. Any ideas please? Bob
  7. HI, my vitesse is missing the piece that covers the join between the two ends of the the plastic/chrome insert. I assume that there should be some type of metal clip to cover the join. Any ideas where I might source the missing bit? Thanks in advance, Bob
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I decided to buy a recon tacho which I have now fitted and all is well. I now have a spare on which I will try the above advice to fix it. Cheers Bob
  9. It does say 3.55:1 on the front of the tacho. When you start the car the needle is all over the place, on tick over it does settle down but when driving the needle has a mind of its own as the engine revs are constant the needle does settle down but it seems over sensitive. I unscrewed the cable at the dizzy end and it turns freely, so I am guessing that there is a problem with the taco innards. As a matter of interest what would you expect the revs to be at 40mph in 4th without overdrive, I am not sure how to work it out. As far as I am aware it is a standard diff.
  10. I have a Mk1 Vitesse non overdrive. When driving at 40mph the rev counter is on 3000 (give or take). This means that IF I was to do 80mph I would be red lining way before the theoretical maximum speed. Is this right? Cheers, Bob
  11. Mine now looks like Ian's photo. Thanks to all for your replies. Bob
  12. The bolt was nearest to the bulkhead. I have fitted a aluminium rocker cover and the nuts fit inside the holes in the cover which is why I replaced the bolt with the stud. It seems to have worked ok. I used to have a Vitesse 6 which did not have the valve, just an open breather on the side of the engine. It is probably just my imagination, but it seemed much livelier with the hose off !!
  13. HI, I have just replaced a missing stud that holds the rocker cover on. For some reason one was missing and had been replaced with a long bolt. After replacing the the stud and rocker cover I took it for a drive to check for any leaks from the gasket, my car drove completely differently from normal, the ticker was about 1200 rpm the acceleration seemed much quicker and engaging second gear was harder as the revs were slow in dropping. On lifting the bonnet to see what was wrong I saw that I had not replaced the hose from the rocker cover to the breather. As soon as I put the hose on the r
  14. Jeff, I am assuming that you might want to part with them, I have sent you a private message. Cheers, Bob
  15. I have recently acquired a 1968 Mk1 Vitesse. IN the past the rocker cover, air box and dynamo have all been painted in the cars body colour. I guess the dynamo should be black and I am going to fiy an aluminium rocker cover (as I had one already ) but what is the correct colour for the air filter housing. I an sure I have seen silver and black. Not the biggest problem in the world, guess I have too much spare time on my hands!!!!!!!! Before this Mk1 I had a Vitese 6 1600. I am amazed at the difference it is a pleasure to drive by comparison.
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