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  1. Synchro on 1st is non existent and and changing up and down into 2nd requires care to avoid crunching if you don’t double declutch. 3rd and 4th are fine and it is quiet. I also stick mostly to 3rd and top once on the move and as you say with so much torque it is not a big problem. I am not too enthusiastic with quick changes or harsh acceleration so I wonder should I wait until it gets worse?!!! But I wonder if it would be more pleasant to drive with a working synchro on 1st and 2nd? has anyone had a mk1 2lit box rebuilt and if so what would expect to pay? Bob
  2. Hello, I have a 1968 Mk1 Vitesse. I have been reading some road tests from when the car was new stating that it has full syncro. I was under the impression that there was not any syncro on 1st..is that right. The syncro on 2nd in my car is quite weak..is it possible to cure this problem without rebuilding the whole gearbox...and is it a DIY job? I am no mechanical wizard but can use a spanner and follow instructions!! Bob
  3. Job done!!! A plastic syringe a a piece of tube...so easy!!
  4. I remember reading a useful guide on oiling the trunnions in a fairly recent issue of the Courier. It described how to use a syringe and piping etc. I want to do the trunnions on my Vitesse but can't find the article, can any help? Bob
  5. I was told by the seller it was cactus green. Never having seen a cactus green before I knew no different. I have just found a touch up pot that came with the car. It is from a company called Master Chroma and is code CG6390 Green.
  6. The colour of my car is cactus green. It was originally blue but was changed sometime ago and there is no sign of blue anywhere. I believe the cactus green was a triumph colour but I guess it is not too common. I love it and it certainly draws lots of comments.
  7. Hi Paul, I did visit you last year when I was driving my pale blue 1600, to ask about seat replacement, at least I think it was you !!!!
  8. HI, technically I am not new as I joined a couple of years ago. I have asked lots of questions and received lots of advice from others. I thought it was about time to introduce myself. I live in Sudbury, Suffolk. This is my second Vitesse, I had a 1600 before this Mk1 and a Herald 12/50 before that. I have had my Vitesse since June last year, I have made some minor improvements and alterations and it has recently been MOT'd. IT is great to drive.
  9. HI, just seen this thread and thought I would contribute. I have a 1968 Mk1 2.0 Lit. I bought it in June last year. I am guessing that some of you may have seen this car before, but to date I have not really researched its history. Before this I had a Vitesse 1600 and before that a Herald 12/50. This Vitesse is the best so far by a long way. It is a pleasure to drive. Since owning it I have replaced the dizzy with an electronic version and fitted a HI Torque starter, both have improved the car but I have retained the originals in case they need to be re-fitted. When I bought it there was a sports exhaust fitted, looked good but probably not appreciated by the neighbours !!! I replaced it with a used standard mild steel one that I happened to have in my garage. Next job is to replace that with a standard s/s system. and to repaint the air box black. I have also replaced the Mk2 grille that was on it with the correct Mk1 version. and fitted 4 new tyres to replace the hardly worn 12 year old Pirellis that were on it. I am very happy with the car, the only thing that lets it down a bit is the carpets. I have attached some pics.
  10. Hi, I have not changed my bumpers. I would like to renew the central rear section as it looks as it may have had a bumper fitted at some time. if you track down a source let me know .
  11. HI, I am going to buy a s/s exhaust for my Mk1 Vitesse. The ones supplied through the club are taking about 6 weeks or more. I have looked at Rimmer and they are quite expensive. I have looked at J Paddocks, they have them in stock and are cheaper than Rimmers. The oIIInes they supply are made by FF Exhausts, anyone had any experience of this company? Or can anyone suggest an alternative? Bob
  12. I have been using my car with the new hi toeque starter for a while, I am very happy with it, no more hesitation and cold starting is so much better too.
  13. Doh! Another senior moment. Took the shim and spacer off old unit and refitted with new starter. Job done. Thanks for the replies. Bob
  14. Hello to all, I have just bought a Hi Torque Starter motor for my 2L Mk1 Vitesse (through the club). I tried to fit it yesterday, but had some problems. When I first offered up the new starter I could see that the thread on the fixed stud was not long enough ( iwas too long overall but would not have tightened up as the shoulder was too long). Assuming this was a one size fits all fitting I just used a spacer to enable me to tighten the nut. I then tried it and it spun the engine really quickly, but as soon as the engine fired there continued a loud metallic whirring noise. IT dog was not totally disengaging from the flywheel. I assumed it would be a straight swap and I have double checked and it is the correct starter as listed for Vitesse/GT6. What have i done wrong? Having thought about it I was wondering of there should be a spacer between the starter and engine, this would solve the problem of not enough theta and not disenaging. HAs anyone experienced similar issues with fitting a Hi Torque starter, and what do I do to fix the problem? Cheers Bob
  15. Hi, any suggestions please for the alternative to Champion N-9Y. An internet site lists the NGK alternative as BP6ES. I have just looked at my car and it has NGK 5E fitted? Bob
  16. I have just ordered a new seat base foam of my Mk1 Vitesse from Newtons via the club. It arrived and is in 3 pieces, the main seat base and the two separate side bits. I assumed that it would just be one piece! I have not taken the original out yet to see how thats fitted but wanted to check before I do, should the seat foam be in one, if not how are the side bits held in place? Bob
  17. Hi, any advice welcome. I would like to change my ketal fan for a plastic one on a 2L Mk1 Vitesse, does such a thing exist? Bob
  18. Thanks for the replies, I imaging to order a set. Just one other point, does anyone know if they need additional insulation or underlay and if so what is recommended? Bob
  19. HI, has anyone bought or fitted the moulded carpets sold by the club, I believe they are made by Newtons. I wish to replace the carpets in my vitesse and would like to know if the moulded carpets are any good and if they are similar to the originals. Bob
  20. Can you explain what needs to be dismantled to gain access for lube. cheers Bob
  21. HI, I have a MK1 2L Vitesse, when I drive the car after it has been left for a while the speedo under reads by quite a lot, affect a few miles it "wakes up" and reads correctly. If I then stop and turn off and then restart it works fine. Any ideas please? Bob
  22. HI, my vitesse is missing the piece that covers the join between the two ends of the the plastic/chrome insert. I assume that there should be some type of metal clip to cover the join. Any ideas where I might source the missing bit? Thanks in advance, Bob
  23. Thanks for all the advice. I decided to buy a recon tacho which I have now fitted and all is well. I now have a spare on which I will try the above advice to fix it. Cheers Bob
  24. It does say 3.55:1 on the front of the tacho. When you start the car the needle is all over the place, on tick over it does settle down but when driving the needle has a mind of its own as the engine revs are constant the needle does settle down but it seems over sensitive. I unscrewed the cable at the dizzy end and it turns freely, so I am guessing that there is a problem with the taco innards. As a matter of interest what would you expect the revs to be at 40mph in 4th without overdrive, I am not sure how to work it out. As far as I am aware it is a standard diff.
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