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  1. Thanks for the advice and comments.
  2. The hub went on to that point with a couple of taps, I put the hub pulley on and knocked it on with hammer. I haven’t got any wobble and moves freely, any friction seems to be from the spacer and inner seal when it moves, I haven’t checked the end float yet. I’ve got 2 spare sets of hubs and spindles and they seem to go on to the same point. Going to attempt the other side and see how that goes on.
  3. Hi Pete, I’ve checked the cross sectional diagram in the manual and it looks like the spinal doesn’t finish flush with the hub do you know if it’s possible where it’s sat now is actually as far on as it goes? thanks
  4. Hi everyone Its been almost a year since I’ve managed to make any progress. I’m having trouble getting the hub to sit on the outer drive shaft. It seems so tight going through the outer bearing, is this normal? Is it a case of brute force to get it the last 3-4mm I’ve attached a picture. If anyone can provide any advice I’d be really grateful. thank you
  5. Haha fair comment the risk of loosing it in my workshop is even greater then damaging it
  6. Just to protect the spade connectors, I’ve accidentally knocked them in the past tried to bend hem back and they snapped
  7. And there she is all in, got a few minor adjustments to make on the engine mounts tomorrow and put on the earth strap.
  8. Need an engine hoist with shorter feet.
  9. I tried but the gearbox rebuild has taken longer then anticipated hopefully tomorrow is the day! So far it’s had a full strip down and major clean. New needles, I think it’s had a rebuild fairly recent so kept the old bearings and had no signs of wear on the bars(can’t remeber what there called) Reasembled New seals & respray New gaskets
  10. If all goes well tomorrow I should have the gearbox put back together.
  11. Finally got round to getting the sump back on and after a costly mistake with the water pump housing managed to get that replaced.
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