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  1. I know what you mean but we've all been there in the past and still learning. Mine is the first GT6 Ive done, I was initially worried about doing the sill replacement but after cutting off I wondered why I was worried as theyre straightforward, just more alignment than normal lol Youll get there hopefully, I just might have held out for a convertible tub rather than convert it unless theyre easy enough to do, chat to Chic Doig hes really helpful 👍🏻
  2. No should be fine, nice dry garage and the tub is about 1 meter off the ground on large axle stands, it will be schultzed soon, only doing the underneath this way, sills upwards is going to be 2k 👍🏻
  3. Ah yes I agree with that, its a primer not sealer 👍🏻😎
  4. Usually blistering is caused by moisture in the air line when spraying, theres nothing wrong with cellulose etch primer, thats what Ive used on mine and many other cars and scooters, you just need a decent moisture trap 👍🏻
  5. Etch primer is used to bond any paint layer to bodywork, Ill overcoat this with black schultz, never had to rub it down to prime, just overcoated with primer before top coat, never had any problems Seam sealer first though too for welded seams and edges etc
  6. Got the full floor underneath etch primed this afternoon, can relax a little now I know its not going to rust. Ive had to have a car port erected as Ive lost my neighbours garage as the bungalow has been sold she used to live in, RIP Jean and thankyou x Anyway the chassis will go under the carport along with my mini shell under a cover etc, soon have the tub back on the chassis after rebuilding suspension and painting 😎
  7. Great feeling once you start painting, etch primed the rear of tub and wheel arches, still wire wheeling the front floors but looking good 😎
  8. Well I was going to try and get the tub on its side, not really doable on my own so opted for the tall axle stands, spent the afternoon grinding welds and wire brushing to bare metal, got about a third of it done. Should get it done over the next week or so then etch prime etc
  9. Thankyou for your reply Keith but Ive sorted the problem thanks again 😎
  10. Anyone got a picture of where the fixing hole for the captive nut for seatbelt in the floor Please Cheers Iain.
  11. Yeah I know what you mean Colin, your mate should be able to come over now though eh? Hope you get sorted soon, anywhere near Bolton? Yeah GT6 coming on now, getting it up on its side so I can wire brush the floor etc then etch prime, seam seal then shultz black it all, then same for chassis 👍🏻
  12. Anyone got a picture or rough measurement for the nut welded to floor for the seatbelt bolt, forgot to mark/drill it DOH!
  13. Bloodyhell that was hard work on my own lol
  14. I might use some overpaintable stone chip then I could brush paint it, other than that black is fine for me, on my midget I used to own I hammerited over etch primer then stone chip, it never needed anything after that, I just used to waxoyle it occasionally in the sills etc but not underneath, passed mot every year no problems 😎
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