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  1. Looking for 2 rear bumper over riders for my car, don't want to buy new due to being to expensive and being to shiny for the rest of the car 😎 thanks
  2. Slots are all clear, checked over for any gunk and all clean
  3. Thanks for the prompt responses, going to try get new seals for the reservoirs against the bulk head see if that helps, also replace the bulkhead seal.
  4. Sorry that would be me, got a hose to the car trying to diagnose the leak 😁
  5. Turns out the water is coming through the tops of the pedals, what would be the best remedy for this? 😁, thanks for the help aswell!
  6. Thanks for the replies everyone, seems i have some investigating to get up to over the weekend, will get back with pictures and the problem
  7. The bottom picture is as I bought her 5 weeks ago, and since fitted new plates, new morris, t cut and polish, new tyres and white wall clip ons :), been very busy!
  8. I am interested in learning some history about my Herald, I recently got the car with no history at all with no idea to a past life of my car, it was previously registered to a motor museum in Norfolk, wondered if anyone ever recognised it? It was originally blue.
  9. I seem to be having trouble with wet floor pans in my Herald 13/60 saloon, the floors in the front are both completely saturated, I have removed the drain plugs to help drain the floors but can't seem to figure out where the water is coming in? Help would be much appreciated as fairly new to owning her!
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