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  1. I have a TR6 wheel (steel) with a good tyre, if you want to collect it’s yours for free
  2. Thanks Colin yes the guy who did is probably one of two people I would trust to do it
  3. When I purchased my car two years ago it had undergone a full ground up restoration, I did negotiate a discount on a few areas of the body work particularly two areas on the bonnet, while not to noticeable I knew that they were there. So this winter my mate who owns a body shop said I will have it Dec / and Jan so he could do it when he had downtime. On stripping the bonnet this is what he found He lead filled the areas (the proper way) then due to the difficulty of matching Mimosa he refinished both sides where incidentally there were a few spots of where the paint at reacted in the crease on the rear wing. Any I got the call to come a see my car and drive it home, to say I am happy is an understatement, bloomin lovely
  4. When cruising at 60mph overdrive engaged when slowing to 40mph does the O/d disengage automatically at the lower rpm.
  5. I am planning a informal Breakfast meet at RAF Cosford on Sunday May 12th 10am to 2pm just £2 a Car + parking the Museum is free. Anyone local who wants to pop in just drop me a PM. its for any make or age of car, would be nice to have some Triumphs there
  6. Two pints in Wetherspoons in Staffordshire circa £4.20, those prices down south are eye watering
  7. Went out for a spin myself today being the weather was so good, had to get the flies off when I got back
  8. This thread needs pictures, or it did not happen
  9. Lewis was admiring a nice TR3 in Kevs garage the other night Paul
  10. Took my grandson to the National Arboretum as he loves to go there, he is genuinely interested and does seem troubled when talking of the soldiers who lost their lives And coming back across Cannock Chase I thought why not inject a bit of colour against the dreary sky
  11. hilly10

    Out for a spin

    With the weather set fair, dry and no salt on the roads who else as ventured out. Took the TR out for an hour today and enjoyed every minute, after all don’t think it does the Cars much good being laid up for months on end Paul
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